My Budapest Bucket List

Going to Budapest I just knew there was SO MUCH to see, so I had to make a Bucket List!

The city is laced with culture, architecture and the most beautiful street art it would’ve been rude not too! We were there for so long, 10 days, it was nice to have an agenda and although we were drinking pretty much every night I wanted to be able to get up and go sightseeing, do things and just generally explore this city we had at the tip of our fingers for 10 days!

Check out the links below to see what myself the boys got up to on our trip!

  2. Budapest – Our Introduction to Budapest & Airbnb
  3. Budapest – Sweating The Sites
  4. Budapest – Sweating even MORE of the sights
  5. Budapest’s Beautiful & Creative street art
  6. Budapest – Food Do’s & Food DON’Ts
  7. Budapest – Clubs, Pubs & Ruin Bars, My liver is Crying.
  8. Experiencing Budafest 2018