UK Travel

I live in England where there is so much to see and do its honestly amazing. Here in the UK we try and promote UK Travel and Visit England. Where we showcase a lot of our beautiful country so others will come and visit not just the big cities but the smaller villages, the Peaks and the Lake districts, the seaside and historic towns alike!

With this in mind there is just SO MUCH of this beautiful country to see, so I’ve decided to make it my motive to see as much of it as I possibly can. So please enjoy my blog posts below of my time exploring my beautiful country that is England.

The Peak District // 2020

The Peak District is an area in-between Sheffield and Manchester. it is absolutely full of beautiful countryside towns, historical villages, huge mountain peaks, lake and riverside walks and just calm serenity. For me the Peak and Lake district ooze calm and relaxation especially as I don’t live in areas like this. To move away from the bigger cities and be close to nature, cosy and pub living is a dream.

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Our South West Coast UK Road Trip // 2020

Our South West Coast road trip was the best decision of 2020 for us that we made travel wise. With Covid-19 looming over everyones shoulder there was a period after our huge lockdown in August that meant we could back to relatively normal activities. So we decided that we wanted to go away for a week and experience the crystal blue waters, beautiful nation parks, awesome beaches and stunning historical cities and villages that make up the South West Coast of England!

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Other UK Locations I have Explored With Friends & Family!