About Me & My Blog

Welcome to the Wanderer & Traveller Blog!

I am currently taking a writing Hiatus, but please feel free to browse as much as your heart desires. I’m still active on socials, to read more about why I’m taking a break, head to the link below;


On Wandererandtraveller I blog about my time travelling, what I see, where we go, the food we eat and what we get up to in the process. Here I also express my love for the tourism industry and in particular my favourite topic that is Dark Tourism! I plan to visit a majority of Dark Tourism sites as well as every continent on the globe and visit them THOROUGHLY.

I am incredibly passionate about travelling, writing and reading. I class myself as a bit of a memory hoarder. I graduated from university with a degree in International Tourism Management and have always been interested in travel due to my family. As well as working a full time job in the hospitality industry since graduating, I try to go away as often as possible in-between. Due to Covid-19 unfortunately my plans to move to Australia in Early 2020 were scuppered. But hopefully Later on in years to come after this pandemic it will be a different story!

I also really enjoy reading, I hope to share with you all my book reviews and what I read throughout the year! Head to the link below to learn more about myself with 15 Facts about Me.

15 facts about me!

I hope you enjoy reading about my travels as much as I enjoyed going on them! Here are some of my favourite snapshots from some of my travels below, I hope you enjoy my blog!


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