The Global Quarantine Diaries

So as we are all aware the Covid-19 Pandemic that is upon us all quickly spread global.

Countries were put into quarantine, lockdown and isolation, work from home, shops, restaurants, all non essential businesses were closed, no unessential travel, the list goes on. With all this in mind I decided to reach out to some of my girlfriends in Canada and America to ask how their quarantine and isolation was wherever they are!

In this blog collaboration’s first week we will hear from 5 girls (including myself) and how they have been keeping busy, what the rules and regulations are like where they are and what the girls miss most and will do first when this all comes to an end!

As this collaboration was so insightful and fun to do, I decided to extend this by another week and have some more fellow bloggers from all over get involved also! In this collaborations second week (starting June 14th) will consist of another 6 amazing bloggers sharing their lockdown/quarantine experiences with us!

So please see Page 1 for the first week of posts and Page 2 for the second week of bloggers sharing their quarantine/lockdown experiences all over the world!