Norway – Oslo Christmas Market!

MVIMG_20181125_180942.jpgWe arrived back in Oslo around 5-6ish and checking back into Thon Gaardermoen hotel by the airport again!

We still had the car at this point so we decided to drive into Oslo for the Christmas market. Parking in Oslo was actually really easy after a 40 minute drive into the centre. Once we got parked and finally figured out how to use the pay and display machine with the help of some friends we made in the car park we were off.

Oslo is a calm(-ish) city, its clean and also has a great atmosphere to it. The market was in a square area where en route we walked past trams, water fountains and a man building a castle with candles inside out of snow! It was beautiful. 

We walked through the entrance and there were stalls lined up on the left and the right. All traditional Norwegian food, sweets and clothes! There were even two talking reindeers! Definitely fake and stuck on the walls, they would talk too and from in Norwegian and then English.


A bit further down to the right was the ferris wheel and the ice rink. Majelle, Becca & Abbie went on the wheel whilst me and Lulu walked ever so slightly into Oslo centre to see if it was just as pretty all the way through. The architecture of the city was so prestige, it was very regal! We wandered back and met the girls after they enjoyed the views of Oslo and the Christmas market from the wheel!

Before we left we made sure to get some food! Majelle got a waffle with some sweet things inside, chocolate, marshmallows etc! I made sure to get a mulled wine and it was WAY better than any mulled wine I’ve had here in the UK! We also got a hot dog and it was so tasty all before heading home the following day.

All in all a successful mission. It wasn’t expensive either! All things considered if you were to visit Winter Wonderland you would absolutely be paying out of your ass for everything its silly. Although the market itself wasn’t huge it was still cosy, warm and a really lovely way to end our trip to Norway.

We returned the hire car to the airport and got the bus back to the hotel to sleep, Becca had a super early flight and we had to sleep for ours before the morning. One more breakfast and we were off. 

Once we landed back in the UK I drove us back to uni in Lincoln that afternoon, sleepy bunny’s all around!

And unfortunately, this was the end of this Saga from Norway!

But if you don’t want it to be over just yet;

 Catch it and all the girls social media links & our Norway Videos Below! 






Youtube Video: 


Youtube Video;




Youtube Video:

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