Book Review: Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris.

“The Perfect Marriage or the Perfect Lie?”

“Jack, Handsome, Dedicated Lawyer, Loving Husband.

Grace, Elegant, Consummate Housewife, Prisoner.

“Brilliant, Chilling, Scary and Unputdownable” – Lesley Pearse

Hey guys, so this is my first book review. I’ve never done one before so I will try not to give too much away whilst talking about this book!


Name: Behind Closed Doors

Author: B. A. Paris

Pages: 344 Pages

I was given this book by my sister, It had been sat in my bedroom for ages waiting to be read so I decided why not take it away to Budapest with me? I’m here for 10 days, thats plenty of time. I hadn’t read in so long I almost forgot just how much I love reading. Here I am now on holiday bookless as I finished the book within 3 days.

9781250121004The book was totally immersive. With the story in first person narrative as told by Grace the book leads you backwards and forwards into the turmoil of her life, Past & Present they alternate so you get a real grasp for where the main stem of her unhappiness and torment comes from.

Jack isn’t your typical abusive husband. With an arousal and passion to see women in fear, Grace doesn’t realise what she has gotten herself into until after she marries the man. Literally within the first couple of chapters you can really sympathise for her. In the words of Grace herself, The man in an absolute psychopath.

The pair holiday in Thailand as their honeymoon and thats what Grace realises that Jack is always one step ahead of her. The frustration in how Jack has already informed staff that Grace is ‘Mentally Ill’ so even if she does try to flee or tell anyone of the horror of the way Jack is, its impossible. I felt so much extreme frustration for her because no matter what she does and what she tries, its helpless. You just want to scream out for her. 

The word prisoner is definitely the correct one for Grace as you indulge further into the book. Held captive to her own house, When she introduces Millie, her younger Down syndrome sister, the intense feeling that she needs to get out becomes stronger and stronger. Especially towards the end.

When you learn that although Millie is in a boarding school for now due to previous history of her being unwanted by her parents, Grace promises Millie that once she is 18 she will come live with them. Further in, you realise Jack would like Millie to move in with them so that Grace isn’t the only one held prisoner. So Jack can feed of Millie’s fear as well as Graces’.

The sense of urgency I had in the pit of my stomach was real as you never want the BOTH of them to suffer, especially with how he treats Grace already.

The use of Millie to manipulate Grace is REAL.

You really get to see a side to Jack which makes you thank the lord its not based on a true story. Although It does terrify me to think that men out there are like this. Maybe not quite so extreme, but then if you never know you never know. 

I was hooked to the book from the start, hence why it only took me 3 days to read. The suspense and want to get rid of Jack is phenomenal that once I had reached the final couple of chapters I refused to put the book down because the ending was so intense. Millie plays a very crucial role to the build up to the end, her love for Grace and awareness to her fear comes almost as a relief as she is the only one who understands her grief.

“I like you Jack, But I don’t like Jorj Koony”

I would give this book a solid 8/10 for suspense and keeping you clung onto the book and their characters. I just wish It could’ve been longer!


    1. Thank you so much!


  1. lucy elizabeth says:

    A great review! Made me want to go out and buy it, even though i’ve already got more than enough books on my TBR list 😂 x

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    1. Thank you! I definitely recommend it once you’ve gotten through your list!

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