Sri Lanka – Saree Fittings & Mahaweli Reach

This day was a free day and we very much enjoyed relaxing and it was also SAREE DAY!

I had been so excited for this day the moment I got my Saree at the start of the trip. My Saree was light and dark blue and made of the most beautiful silk. I had a nice blue crop top to put underneath my top half and a mesh skirt to wear underneath by skirt!

The ladies arrived and it was fitting time!

We were brought into one of the rooms in the hotel and with our saree’s in hand it was hair pin and safety pin time! They used so many safety and hair pins to keep my saree secured and in place and I felt so elegant and beautiful once I was all dressed!

Once everyone was in their saree’s it was time for our final dinner of the trip!

We headed down to Mahaweli Reach for dinner!

This hotel is a beautiful 4 star hotel who hosted us all. A buffet dinner with Sri Lankan cuisine as well as english cuisine on offer for the buffet. There was also a singer for some live music, we are served wine and juice and it was all laughs and bliss.

There was many photo opportunities between us girls and It really made me excited and realise that I had been the whole trip surrounded by some of the most beautiful people I have been so lucky to learn and grow with since starting university. I couldn’t be more grateful for a beautiful bunch of girls.

Enjoy some saree pictures from our last night!

Once the dinner was finished it was TO THE BAR.

Licence to Grill where we had visited beforehand had said the would host us for a party with alcohol even though it wasn’t allowed to stay open past a certain time nor serve alcohol! Every time the police came past the lights were turned off and the music was turned down it was great fun.

As we trekked to the top floor bar and restaurant we were ready to go and enjoyed some drinks and music on the rooftop on our last night. The right way to spend the last night.

Train Journeys Back to Colombo and unfortunate final goodbyes in the next blog post!

Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour 2019

Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour / 19th September 2019 / Fly DSA Arena, Sheffield.


Act 1

  • Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
  • God Is a Woman
  • Bad Idea
  • Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored

Act 2

  • Childhood (video interlude)
  • R.E.M
  • Be Alright
  • Sweetener / Successful
  • Side to Side
  • 7 Rings

Act 3

  • Adore (Cashmere Cat song) (video interlude)
  • Love Me Harder / Breathin
  • Needy
  • Fake Smile
  • Make up
  • Right There / You’ll Never Know / Break Your Heart Right Back
  • NASA
  • Only 1

Act 4

  • In My Head (video interlude)
  • Everytime
  • The Light Is Coming
  • Into You

Act 5

  • My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Marilyn Monroe song)
  • Dangerous Woman
  • Break Free
  • No Tears Left to Cry


  • Thank U, Next

“Don’t want you in my bloodline, yuh, Just wanna have a good time, yuh, Ain’t no need to apologize, no but you gon’ have to let this shit go”

This was the second time I have seen Ariana Grande and she just gets better and better every time. Her voice is nothing shy of pitch perfect and she definitely reduces me to tears with the sheer beauty and effortlessness when she sings. She gives me literal goosebumps.


THE HEELS she was dancing in the entire show were insane. I would’ve broken my ankle faster than you can say Sweetener. AND SHE SINGS WHILST SHE DANCES ALL OVER THE SHOP like its NOTHING.

Oh yeah I’ll just lay back here but still sing with no problem. I know this draws attention to the argument on if she was actually singing but you can hear very clearly from the band and the fact there’s, no one singing!

As a singer to have her vocal range is a dream, now I smoke far to many cigarettes. Listening to her album makes me wanna start singing again.

The whole performance was amazing. Her stage set up and light play was amazing and so minimalistic also! The pride colours whilst she sang Break Free, the incredible moon and stars, the falling water, it complimented the show perfectly as it should do!

Our seats were amazing! Side view from the stage!

I had a really lovely time with Jess drinking Supa Pints (2 pints in one cup). We also got a hotdog and it was all really well priced! We would’ve has 3 but Jess split an entire 2 pint under our seats mid gig, NO ONE NOTICED, it was brilliant. I know this quite stereotypical but I was SO impressed about the amount of lads there. Sounds bad but I imaged the crowd to be mainly women and children and it was! BUT we were also sat next to a family, my friend brought her man, it was really nice to see!

The see through bags were a new one. It was really interesting finding out and seeing what everyone had put together as you had to have a completely clear bag to take into the arena! There were some really cute bags knocking about from clear bum-bags to pink lined clear rucksacks!

It was an amazing and fun night. I hope she releases more and tours again because I will be there. Serious appreciation for such talent.

My favorite song is Breathin’ so to see that live was pretty amazing.