Vienna – Sight-Seeing Galore!

There’s plenty of things to do and see when traveling about in Vienna! At least thats how I felt, we walked for ages some days but through the painful feet we always saw some beautiful things. One of the most gorgeous places we went when we were in Vienna was the Schoenbrunn Castle, the gardensContinue reading “Vienna – Sight-Seeing Galore!”

Vienna – Schnitzel blew my mind.

We didn’t go out very much when we were in Vienna due to staying in with Julia and the wonder of takeaways, but the few chances we did get to go out for some grub were really great. We went out for dinner to Vapiano’s twice, I loved it, although I was madly hungover andContinue reading “Vienna – Schnitzel blew my mind.”

Vienna – Dancing till my feet could dance no more.

When we got to Vienna of course we knew that there was going to be lots of clubbing involved and alcohol to be consumed within the next week. It was inevitable as raging student alcoholics. On our first night when we arrived in the airport we were already late for our first party, Julia andContinue reading “Vienna – Dancing till my feet could dance no more.”

Vienna – A new country & my first experience with trams (yes, really).

Jake and I had headed over to Vienna for one very special reason, to see our wonderful friend Julia who we had met when she had come to our college for 6 months to study. We became so close when Julia was in the UK studying, so when she went home we were so heartbrokenContinue reading “Vienna – A new country & my first experience with trams (yes, really).”