Dissertation Help!

Hey All! 


JESSIE NEEDS YOU (lord help me).

I am currently writing my dissertation for my final year at university and need some help with my questionnaire responses!

If I pop the link below please if you have 20 minutes to spare I would love it if you could fill out my dissertation questionnaire and Brads dissertation questionnaire as well!

My dissertation is for those aged 18-24 and is looking into the concept of what motivates those who are in generation Y to visited Dark Tourism sites still to this day! I should take you no more then 8-10 minutes to complete and I WOULD APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH THANK U!

Dark tourism are sites related to death, suffering and the macabre. Examples of these are Auschwitz, 9/11 memorial, any graveyard or world war memorial, even the Anne Frank house is a dark tourism site.


Brads questionnaire is about disruptive brands and their Tone’s of Voice. He is using Dacia, the car manufacturing company, as a case study. What is a disruptive brand? these are brands and businesses that are transforming industries with a highly customer-centric approach to product/ service development!

Disruption isn’t just doing things in a different way which doesn’t resonate or go any further – it’s about changing the game.” – James Kirkham, CFO, Copa90


We both really really appreciate your time, for those who do fill it out please comment and let me know so I can thank you individually!

(Of course I won’t ask for your questionnaire information as that is anonymous and private, I just want to express my gratitude!)

Thank you!

J & B x

10 Things to Remember When Going Back To or Starting University!

So here are my Top 10 Things to remember when heading back to uni or you’re starting unversity fresh!

I’ve just moved into my new flat for my final year of university, 4 years! My Lord, it’s been absolutely awesome though. I wouldnt change anything about it. I am just excited to graduate now!

I was supposed to post this blog post a little earlier but alas from my flight from Budapest my ears didn’t pop properly. So now I have an ear infection and a lil bit of vertigo because of it, so I’m more dizzy than I am concious!

But I’ve percevered today! Especially as I start my new Job tomorrow too. So today I’ve got shit done, including this post for you all! Can spend my whole week wallowing in self pity.

So WITHOUT further ado, here are my Top 10 Things to Remember When starting or Going back to University!

  1. Get Organised – folders, stationary, books, your time table. Know it learn it live by it. I always find that being organised makes everything SO much easier! Plus when you go into a lecture or start doing coursework or seminar work and you’re organised it’s just that much easier to get started and get your head down! Something which at Uni can be quite a challenge due to there being a lot of distractions.
  2. Do Not Panic – I had to swear by this saying in first year. Just do not panic. It is solvable, you can do it. Even if it’s something you’ve never come across before, don’t panic about it. Uni is probably one of the most relaxed but also the most stressful places, but you do not need to panic. Help is always at hand.
  3. Be Positive, Be You – it’s the best you can be! I know a lot of people go back to uni or start uni thinking “oh Lord this isn’t for me” and do you know, if it isn’t for you? That’s no problem! But as I have said in a previous blog post, university is what you make of it! If you go into the experience being a negative Nelly, like I did, it doesn’t feel like it gets better. I considered dropping out. Now I look back and think why I thought that I will never know. Like I said, it’s what you make of it.
  4. Keep on making friends / Make friends & socialise! – You are quite literally THROWN into this at uni. Your flatmates are ideally your first point of contact. I don’t know about anyone else, but my friends I made at University are my friends for life. No matter how far apart we all are, because we are all from literal opposite ends of the country. They will always be my faves! Now I’m back for my final year, most of my friends are graduating next week (couldn’t be more proud!!!) And then they are all moving away, so I’ve got to remember how to make friends again. But your whole life you’re making friends so it won’t take too long!
  5. Budget! – DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON STUPID SHIT. If you don’t need it don’t buy it. I was a PRO at buying unnecessary things and my overdraft was my best friend. Don’t be me. Plan your food shops and like I said if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Only take set amounts of money our with on nights out, don’t get happy clappy with your contactless because it will happen and you will wake up the next morning wondering if you bought a horse.
  6. IMG_20180909_160757.jpgDon’t forget a home comfort – For me, when I move Into a new place I have got to have a little home comfort that makes me think of being back in my home town. For me it’s a small hanging sign that says; “Life’s A Beach” as I live by the beach! It’s followed me to every house all 4 years so far and will continue to do so!
  7. Uni help services are your friend – if you are struggling with your work your lecturers are there to help you. Reach out to them. If you are struggling with your mental health the university health centre and welfare will help you. Reach out to them. If you’re Struggling to find rescources for your essays the library staff will help you. Reach out to them. You have a larger issue you want to discuss with the university. REACH OUT, they will not hesitate at all to help you with any of your needs!
  8. Vodka isn’t the answer, but it’s worth a shot – This one speaks for itself really, GET ON THE SESH. But that does also bring us to our next point;
  9. Learn your limits – I don’t think I need to say to much here other than don’t be that friend who needs to get their stomach pumped.
  10. Enjoy it! – Uni is an awesome place, a huge step into adult life and responsibilities with a little bit of heavy drinking on the side! Uni will always be the best years of my life, I don’t doubt it for a second. I mean until I get married n have babies but that’s a looooong time coming. Enjoy your time, you’ll be there for a while! Why do anything else BUT enjoy it?!

So these are the My Top 10 Tips! I hope they give some sort of help and insight into the joys of getting back too or starting university!

Here’s to my final year! Bring it on!

J x

Why Tourism?

This is a little bit more of an insight in to my life and why I chose to do tourism!

I’ve always travelled, since I can remember I have travelled with my family all over the world and for that I am very grateful and lucky. My favourite trips were the yearly trips we’d take to the villa in Spain, but the older my sister and I got the further afield we would go abroad, places like Disneyworld Florida, South Africa and going on Safari, Riding camels in Egypt, we have been incredibly lucky to have been taken to so many places and seen so much and more.


So, Why Travel & Tourism?

My family are in the travel and tourism industry, but that didn’t influence me. I mean I guess in a way being able to travel because of them It was slightly their influence. It was the going abroad that did it for me.

89I was in Miami, I was loving life, I won’t even sugar coat it, It was hot and we were staying in a beautiful hotel on Miami South Beach, it was an experience and a half. I just remember thinking I wanna do this. Travel and see different places, Experience different atmospheres and locations and culture, For work and for play! I’ve always said I’ve wanted to do what I love in terms of work, and to incorporate the love for travel and discovery with work would be a dream.

I was originally going to do Journalism at university. It wasn’t until I was halfway through an article and struggling to find the words to write I realised I really wasn’t cut out for that industry. I decided to go into tourism, a last minute decision, I had to change my personal statement and uni choice and if you’ve done it you know its a lot of effort, screw you UCAS. 

I saw Lincoln University last, and it ended up being my first choice, which to this day I still believe was the best choice I have ever made! I decided to study International Tourism Management, and what a wonderful course it is, I enjoy all my modules and have learnt so much and got such an amazing insight to all the wonderful factors of travel and hospitality. Modules went from anything to advertising and marketing to tour operations and looking into the experience economy of the tourism world.

I’m technically starting in the industry next year where I will be working for Hilton on placement, just that is excitement and Its scary to be going into the tourism world technically professionally!  It’s all very exciting in life at the moment, adulating is going to be scary!

I just love learning about all the different cultures, all the different types of tourism. My favourite being Dark Tourism, which consists of interesting topics like the Holocaust  and many more morbid tourist attractions. Its fascinating to see how much mass tourism can ruin a location, how it can make a location so much better but lose it cultural heritage, The list of things I’ve come across and been madly into is endless. University has benefited me massively.

I want to be able to have that opportunity to travel abroad ad experience different places for work and enjoy myself all at the same time.

I try to travel as much as I can at the moment, It’s just difficult being a broke university student. I went to Dublin last summer with my wonderful friends as a group holiday which was great as I’d never seen Dublin before, and my boyfriend and I headed to Amsterdam in January 2017, So I’ve been trying to at least go somewhere, but it will be a little more difficult for the next year because of my placement!

I also love to fly, when I travel I love the airport as well. The buzz of how busy the airport is and how many people from all over the world are just coming and going, its such a cool place, I always feel really chilled and excited before a flight, especially because its like “Thank god I’m getting away from the UK for a while!”.

Plane selfies!

But my plans for the future are looking good in terms of travel, I have every intention of travelling around the world once university and a year in the industry is done! Im also excited to start my placement with Hilton, to prepare me for the real world after university!

Its really handy doing a course that I love, its something that motivates me to do well and work hard and go to my lectures, I won’t lie and say it isn’t stressful because it is.

It’s deadline season at the moment and I’ve only just finished drowning in all my work. I’m excited for all the naps.