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Budapest’s Beautiful & Creative Street Art

All throughout the streets of Budapest are some of the most beautiful pieces of art I really have ever seen painted on the side of buildings!  The aim of the Budapest street art was too ensure that the rejuvenation of their streets was successful in making the area more welcoming and also spruce it up… Continue reading Budapest’s Beautiful & Creative Street Art

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Budapest – Sweating even MORE of the Sights!

So I couldn't fit in all the sights into one blog post, that is how you KNOW ya girl an boys got a lot done on this holibobs. FIRSTLY, sorry for being so AWOL and not posting in a long while. Its my final year of university so my dissertation is biting my ass BIG… Continue reading Budapest – Sweating even MORE of the Sights!

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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 8

On the eighth day of travel bits and bobs my true love gave to me... 8 creepy crawly poisonous animals worldwide! Ever been bitten or eaten by something you didn't want to be? let me know! Beware of course there are some pretty grim pictures up and coming. Red Back Spiders - Australia   ABSOLUTELY VILE CREATURES. These… Continue reading 12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 8

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South Africa – Robben Island

When we went to South Africa, Cape Town, we visited the Dark Tourism and heavily emotional site that is Robben Island. Robben Island is known as the Island that Nelson Mandela spent years imprisoned before being released. Robben Island is a national heritage site, but it is also where political prisoners were kept and was a… Continue reading South Africa – Robben Island