Norway – On The Road (trip) To Norway & Aurland!


Spontaneity at its finest.

Going to Norway was one of the most spur of the moment idea’s and actions I’ve ever taken in my life to date. I definitely have the girls to thank for that because it was one hell of an experience.

We booked Norway 3 days prior flying from Stanstead airport to Oslo! We also booked a hotel nearby for one night so we had somewhere to rest out heads before the exploring started.

The main aim of this trip was for us 5 girls to get away and not only that but explore area’s of Europe which will be a little more expensive for the girlies to visit in the future! This is due to Lulu being from America and Abbie, Becca and Majelle being from Canada! I was incredibly outnumbered but I certainly was not complaining being the only Brit.

So we flew into Oslo airport and stayed one night in the Thon Gaardermoen Hotel, a 2 minute bus journey from the terminal with a free breakfast in the morning before we went to pick up our hire car. YES we had 5 people in the room when you’re not supposed to and YES when we asked for an extra bed the room they gave us a baby cot (this was how I discovered that in the USA an extra bed in the room is called a cot. For us in the UK and (maybe most of) Europe, its a baby cot, so that is what we got!).

IMG_20181123_112656We jumped back on the bus shuttle the following morning after enjoying our free breakfast, which was very impressive all things considered we ate like queens, and back to the airport to get our hire car! Done through Enterprise we rented a car for the duration of our trip as we needed it to get to our chosen destination. A small little village we chose by placing a finger randomly on the map. SO, we ended up in Flam!

A HUGE shout out to Lulu for driving on this trip. So so appreciated by the rest of us for sure. Lots of love g!

The journey from Oslo to Flam takes 5 hours, we were staying in a small village 5 minutes away from Flam called Aurland (Aurlandsfjord). The best part about this village? It was IN A FJORD. One of the goals for the trip was also to see some Fjords and we can safely say we managed that and them some on this trip. Below is the route we took on our travels to Flam, 4 hours and 32 minutes, not including our little pit stops!


Along the way we stopped twice, once at Jevnaker and another at Hemsedal because all your girls have love for beautiful places. Jevnaker is only an hour or so outside of Oslo but its so small with a part of it being in the bottom of this beautiful fjord, Randsfjorden, we had to stop for the lakeside views! Although that is all we stopped for it was totally worth it, as well as some petrol station snacks for the rest of the trip!

We did one more stop along the way at Hemsedal and the scenery was beautiful, who would’ve thought beside a petrol station and supermarket would be a beautiful lake and mountain! Only in Norway hey? (definitely not actually, no).

Eventually we arrived in Aurland, Flam! The sceneic views on the journey were the whole reason we drove as we know we wouldn’t have seen half as much if we hadn’t have left Oslo. It was my first ever road trip experience with these girls and it was a beautiful one, which wasn’t over yet!


The Journey back was even MORE gorgeous!

Stay Tuned For More in Aurland!

J x

But if you don’t want it to be over just yet;

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Budapest – Our Introduction To Budapest & Airbnb!

Our Budapest trip was a pretty awesome one.

It was an experience in a country I never thought I would find myself in. I certainly wont forget it as it was absolutely nothing like I expected at all, it was better! I had the best time!

Over the next couple of weeks I shall be posting about our trip! Posts for Budapest will be every Monday & Friday so stay tuned if you’re interested in reading more!

I went with the wonderful lads James, Greg and Brad! 


We had a nice and early morning flight from Stanstead at 8:30am so we were up and had left the house by 5:30am. The flight was only just over 2 hours so it wasn’t to bad, a couple of cups of tea and a whole book later we had landed.

We were half an hour away from the airport and I had not heard good things about the IMG_20180821_142528_539Taxi’s in Budapest. You do not just jump into a taxi , they will try and get more money off you and lock the car doors. James experienced it himself on a night out. Make sure you definitely PRE BOOK on their FO Taxi App!

We arrived just outside of the AirBnB just outside the center of Budapest. The general location of the flat was amazing. We could walk to the center in half an hour and we were only a 15 minute walk away from all of the main bars we wanted to go too as well. We even had a Lidl and a Tesco in walking distance which helped massively with the cooking as we had our own kitchen so didn’t eat out every night!

The area itself where the AirBnB was, was slightly questionable. I’m not to sure the neighbors liked us being there very much. The building was really old fashioned and opened up with a courtyard into the middle. There were 4 floors and naturally, we were at the top. After Lugging our suitcases up the stairs, as there is certainly no lifts, we found our keys and headed inside. And we were very pleasantly surprised!IMG_20180821_142539_876

It was all new furniture and so modern! It was a really beautiful apartment. With 5 beds and 4 rooms there was so much space with the lounge and kitchen area all open plan. It was also all white blue and even had a little light up message board saying ‘Enjoy your Rest’, It was very welcoming. I can’t say we got much rest though.

Mine and Brad’s bedroom was REALLY nice but then so were ALL the bedrooms! 3 of the rooms came with doubles and were fully kitted out with wardrobes and shelves and another room with two singles and wardrobes too. As we were there for 10 days it was great because I could make the room super cosy. Essentially, there was a FAN in every room, EXACTLY what we needed with the heat and humidity in Budapest as well it was disgusting. The bathrooms were immaculate and even came with a couple of cosmetics! Fully equipped kitchen which was a must so we could cook as well as a washing machine and dryers to hang out clothes!

It was a really great AirBnB for the 10 days we were in Budapest, We actually really did well with it, it was a great find! Kudos to the owner because we were all very impressed. I was anyway! I would definitely stay there again.

Once we got all settled in, the games began and so did the drinks.


Airports, what’s not to love?

I couldn’t even begin to tell you why, But I love airports.

I’m lying, I can totally tell you why I love them.

They’re busy, exciting and full of so many different adventures and stories, different walks of life.

For a lot of people the airport is the place from hell, flights being delayed, too many people, disorganisation, security, you name it chances are there is someone out there that dislikes everything about the airport.

A prime example is as I was writing this one of my colleges saw the title and said “everything, everything is not to love”, So I guess he had made his mind up about that pretty quick.

f258fe85835e8f42d5c141ed78cc1330I can’t really say I’ve had many horror stories of the airport at all, just one really. But that certainly did not change my opinion at all. I just think its the atmosphere of the airport, does wonders for me and I have no idea why. (You can read my airport horror story below).

Apart from security, no one likes security, who has time to undress themselves basically completely, shove themselves through a scanner and re dress themselves? Everyone actually as it a necessity, IT JUST TAKES SO DAMN LONG. 

But other than that I would say the airport is my fave.

I usually get a lot more excited for the airport than I do that flight or the travel, I cant work out if its the excitement of the fact I am going abroad or just being in a place with lots of energy, energises myself!

I love to splash the cash, jokes I DON’T HAVE ANY. But I love to do Duty Free shopping as well. You’ve got Milka? Great, I will have the lot. Discounted VS? I’m down for new underwear always. Discounted cigarettes and booze? Even better. Duty free is the basic holy grail to be honest and I have a field day each time I am there. 

Naturally it is so wonderful to be watching the Arrivals. Family members returning after being away for a while, lots of cuddles and tears. Partners being reunited, ugh it makes me emotional just thinking about it. The airport itself is just So HUGE, and so BUSY. It makes my life practically, its like a mini city inside another city. Judge me. 

I’m going to have to go home and watch ‘Arrivals’ On Channel 4 now and cry for a bit. 


My Airport Horror Story

So we were flying to South Africa, And it’s not so much a horror story, just a unfortunate turn of events.

So the flight to the SA is 11 and a half hours long. Economy class as always, I love getting as cosy as I can as its a long flight! 

Now I don’t ever sleep on planes. Planes, trains, buses you name it I will not sleep, I’m not sure why it is too this day I can just never seem to be comfortable ENOUGH to sleep. So we set off on our flight to South Africa in the evening, it was a night flight due to it being so long.

All is fine for a while, take off etc and we are away! We get about 3 hours into the flight and all of the sudden the lack of cabin crew is actually kind of evident, we were curious as to what was happening as we then saw our server Gavin run through the cabin with a first aid bag.

now FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I fell asleep on the plane. So the last thing I saw was Gavin and his first aid bag running down the cabin.

I woke up shortly after, Or what I believed was shortly after, it had actually been about 4 hours. So I was pleased, naturally for me that was nearly the whole journey! Or so I though. 

We had landed! But not in South Africa. We were on Barcelona Runway at Barcelona Airport. 

So I woke up a little confused, I turned to my friend Sam and asked her if we were in Africa. Her response? No.

AS IT TURNED OUT, One of the flight attendants appendix had burst. So we had to make a detour to Barcelona Airport so we could get the gent of the plane to to safety. The gent was sent to the hospital where he was treated correctly and was alright which is definitely a positive for sure!

The only downside for us, the plane and the cabin crew was that we wouldn’t make it to South Africa at our arrival time. This meant for the flight itself we had to head back to the airport, unload the plane and sit in the airport! 

We arrived back in Heathrow at 6am in the morning, The compensation was a free Starbucks and That was something I could deal with because the situation was completely out of everyone’s control. And I wanted a cuppa tea and some breakfast as it was early.

They had to do a complete turn over of the plane, they didn’t unload the bags which was good but the plane was completely cleaned and one of the main reasons for the plane to return to Heathrow was the change over period for the air hostesses. I believe they can only fly for so long before they have to change over the teams, which made complete sense as if you’re hostessing on an 11 hour flight and usual shift is 8 hours then having the issue with the flight means that you’ll have to clock off once you land.

But don’t take my word for it, I’m not an air hostess, So I don’t really know shit. 

I literally did not move form my position at Starbucks for the whole 5 hours we were waiting to re-board the flight.

FINALLY, at 11am, we were aloud to head back to the terminal and re-board the plane. And then away to South Africa we went! For me it literally made no difference to the holiday, I would’ve been Jet-lagged the day after the flight anyway.

I was just pleased that the gentleman was okay after the predicament!

So that was my Airport Predicament, Whats yours?


South Africa – All Things Cape Town, Shopping, Table Mountain & More

After being in Johannesburg for a few days we headed to Cape Town for the rest of our Holidays! we were in Cape Town for 4 days and we stayed in a hotel song Camps Bay!

96Now I really love the beach, so to be able to come out of our little villa for the 4 of us and be practically on the beach was wonderful, the only thing I’d forgotten to research was how cold the water would be. FYI, Its next level FREEZING. The weather wasn’t really beach material but It was still warm!

Because we were right on the beach front there was plenty of restaurants and bars along the front as well as some small little shops that sold touristy bits, the usual! One thing that was also awesome was the fact there was a little bit of surf but at the time I couldn’t surf to save my life so going wasn’t even an option, especially cause it was damn cold.84

We went for a little wonder around the rocks at one of the beach and found this funky little walkway and water pool, so of course my sister and I went for a wonder along that to see how far out to see the pathway around the edges the pool would take us. Plot twist; not that far at all.

But during all of this the most breathtaking thing was that shadowing us in our villa and whenever we were out of the villa and on the front, a huge mountain was behind us! And it really was a wonderful sight. And too add to that wonderful sight was the sunset. Every night we could watch the sunset from our villa over the beach and disappear into the horizon, it really was wonderful and something I never thought Id be lucky enough to witness.

I think the only thing I could fault was the night club next to the hotel. I didn’t sleep.


Once we’d settled into our Villa it was TIME TO DO TOURIST STUFF.

So, we visited Penguin Island, Table Mountain and Cape Point, Robben Island and Waterside Shopping Mall, and you’re about to read a little bit about all of them except Robben Island which I’ll cover in a separate post!


87Table Mountain was phenomenal because I don’t think I will ever get over the view! For those who aren’t aware Table mountain is a mountain in Cape Town famous for being flat at the top, like a table, Hence Table Mountain. We waited in line for about half an hour to get onto the cable karts that take you all the way up the mountain side. The cable karts also rotated!! so we got a 360 degree view as we were taken up the mountain slowly.

Once we were up there there were information points, benches and all these different viewing areas and it was incredible. It was like you were up in clouds, and technically we were! It was awfully windy which made it a bit chilly but Im certain nothing could have faltered the view and the general experience. It was wonderful to be so high up and be able to look over Cape Town in awe, I will never forget it. You could honestly see for miles and miles and look over the coastline too, it was some real natural beauty.

The view of Cape Town from Table Mountain!


Cape point was another part of the trip that was just as phenomenal because of the view but also because of where we were. Cape point is a national world heritage site part of the Table Mountain national park! It sits on the cape peninsula and it usually pretty breezy and chilly but beautiful and v far to get too.

61The drive to Cape Point was a barrel of fun, we were in a Mini Bus, and I think there was just us and one other family. It took us about 2 hours, We stopped on the way on the side of a road and for a short while I was like ‘Why are we stopping?’ UNTIL I saw that we had arrived next to an Emu/Ostrich Farm!! So of course we got out of the car to have a look at these funky birds especially as we could actually get quite close!

Upon arrival theres a large road/driveway I guess you can call it? It goes on for quite some time until you arrive at the car park and gift shop, and you can either take the funicular up to the point, or the stairs! Now typically because Yes I am LAZY. I wanted to take the funicular. I know, wheres the fun in that? But guess what, it wasn’t working on the day we went so I had no choice but to walk it anyway! And I’m actually really glad I did.

The views from the walk up were a lot better than I thought, way better. And because we walked up we could stopper photos and enjoy them more! When we were looking out at Cape Point bays I realised all these little pathways disappearing off into a different direction towards a cove and a beach, I didn’t get to investigate so one day when I go back I’m going to make sure I follow the pathway all the way around.

Once we arrived at the top INSTANTLY I loved the sign post showing how many miles away all the different locations around the world were. I LOVE things like this because It really puts into perspective just how far away from your usual norms you are and how you’re actually out there in this world exploring something thousands of miles away! It was a sunny but chilly day and like Table Mountain the views were something spectacular and not something I will ever forget, and hey my sister and I even got on for longer than 2 hours. Now that is a miracle.


Penguin Island was HANDS DOWN THE CUTEST EXPERIENCE. To get to the most central beached area you had to walk all the way along this beautiful wooden boardwalk the lined the coastline. Honestly my first thought being here was why would there be penguins in Africa? trust me at the time when we went to South Africa I was a little confused and amused at there being penguins.

Then I remember just how cold the sea is and that South Africa is obviously, well, South. And near the Antarctic. Hence why the sea is also so cold. So its actually perfect for the little penguins really cause its warm as hell when they leave the water but cold as shit once they jump back in!  It was unusual seeing Penguins in the area but they were really cute, and seemed pretty happy lounging in the sun by all accounts!

P.S. If I tried to crop myself out a picture harder than the one above I may have bust a blood vessel in my brain. Alas I failed, and it is tragic. Enjoy.


98.jpgWaterside Shopping mall was something that we visited maybe once or twice, There were plenty of shops and things to buy of course. Plenty of restaurants as well and there was ALWAYS some sort of entertainment going on around the outside areas and the marina parts! What I thought was pretty awesome was the large red man made out of coke cola boxes by the mall itself.

I imagine this was something done for the football that was held in South Africa, and the stadium was also really lovely although I didn’t go inside and Im not a massive football fan, form the outside its pretty presentable is you ask me!

75One night we went for dinner in Waterside Mall and it was a seafood restaurant, I wish I remembered the name because It was amazing. Mr Sylvester Stallone was also dining in the same restaurant as we were that evening in another section which was pretty awesome too.

But what made the experience was my little sister trying to eat an entire plate of king prawns. She’s small but mighty that girl.




I’ll be writing about my experience at Robben Island on a second post as I feel its something that I can really touch on, I want to emphasise the importance of such a place and believe for that it deserves its own post.

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South Africa – Road Tripping to Johannesburg & Johannesburg itself

So once our week at the Kruger National Park had come to an end it was time for us to make the next leg of our journey, and that was back to Johannesburg!

113The drive was going to take us a least 5 hours, which isn’t too bad as I did 27 hours on a coach to Italy before, NEVER again. This was also where we parted ways with one of the families we’d been with all week, but we’d see them when we were back in the UK so it was all smiles and farewells once the time came.

looking back at the safari it was probably one of the most magical and incredible experiences of my life, I never thought I would be lucky enough to stay in a villa that overlooked the safari park. Or get within 5 feet of a wild cheetah, for it to just look at us all and ignore us, and the fact I was lucky enough to see 4 our of The Big 5!!

Im going to go back in the future so that I may experience those wonders again and hopefully get to see all of The Big 5!!

So the drive to Joburg was long, but I spent most of it reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I finished it in one sitting, seriously if you get the chance to read it, do! Driving from the Kruger to Joburg was actually pretty awesome, some of the things we saw were cool, south african service stations aren’t all that different either. What was pretty funky was the ostrich I saw running along side the road, apparently like a Hippo they can also run at like, 45 mph. So this ostrich was gunning it for sure!

My sister with many doggo’s

We also drove past a Favela that had so many problems with people trying to dangerously cross the road (there is a main road aright through the middle of it), they’ve had to build a wall separating the two roads in each direction and put a footpath bridge above it to stop people from running into the road to cross!

Once we arrived at where we were staying it was pretty much just about us chilling there for 3 days before heading to Cape Town. These people had 6 dogs, a horse, and a pig called Bacon! He was my fave because we can relate on so many levels.

We didn’t see much of Johannesburg, but we did go to some huge indoor casino and I want to say shopping centre? I’m almost certain its just a casino with some restaurants but it was impressive none the less! It was huge and all the restaurants inside looked like houses, there were random fountains just placed inside and out and it all looked really pretty! It was super busy so we went for some food and then headed on back to where we were staying.

I wish we could’ve looked around Johannesburg more, although we’d been told it was pretty dangerous, it wouldn’t stop me form going back and exploring the right places that little bit more!


r.i.p. bacon the pig 😦




South Africa – Night Safari & Eating what we see.

Now night safari was something that I found amazing, but also slightly terrifying at the same time. Not because it is terrifying but because I am just a wimp who’s afraid of the dark and the things in it. So of course going on safari, at night, when its dark, most probably surrounded by scary animals, is me living the dream…

54But apart from that the experience was wonderful. Going out at night is much different to going out in the morning. Its harder to see the animals but you also get to experience a different side to the lodge. We went out on our night safari’s too drive past lions that were asleep beside the road or were looking for food or to fight. We saw the alligators lit up but the moonlight in the waterhole, but I think the scariest thing was the Hippo.

43As we had finished up our Night Safari we were driving back to the lodge when this Hippo starts to run behind our truck. No obviously its pitch black and I’m terrified. It then veered off to the left on the truck and ran along side us and then into the bushes. Now when I learnt it was a Hippo I was in shock due too how fast it was going. Then Learnt that Hippo’s on land can actually run up to 45 mph, a lot faster than you thought right? me too! So the thought of one charging past our truck was enough for me to be incredibly pleased night safari was over!

Another wonderfully beautiful part about night safari is the sunset over the park. I don’t have any words nice enough to describe it and my photographs don’t do it justice but I’ll post them anyway. Night safari was lovely because whilst we were watching the sunset we stopped beside a lake and set up camp where we had some drinks and snacks by the water whilst the sun went down. It was something like out of a movie or a dream and I never thought I’d have been lucky enough to experience such a beautiful evening, that was for sure. Below are the photos of the sunset while we enjoyed our snacks and drinks!



What I found really cool and interesting about this place was the fact that we ate what we saw. Whilst we were out on safari we would see these gazelle like animals called Kudu. They were your basic oversized deer with some hella big horns, and actually really beautiful creatures. 27NOW one night we were all about to sit down and eat with our wonderful chef who had cooked us up a meal, of KUDU.

And I have to admit to you all, it was bloody lovely. Not much different to chicken if I’m honest, but also slightly different at the same time. I wish I could remember exactly what it tasted like so I could describe it to you properly. So if you ever find yourself in South Africa, make sure you try the Kudu!!

South Africa – Morning Safari

Now I can’t exactly remember the exact time I had to be up in the morning for the morning safari on Kruger Park, but what I do know is is that it was incredibly early, obviously.

20Its still dark out, but only just when you reach the truck! The truck parks just by the gated entrance to the safari park, there we all clambered on, all 9 of us nice and sleepy for the morning safari! Now when you’re on safari there is this wonderful thing called

‘The Big 5’

The term The Big 5 is something that comes from hunters, its where the big 5 are the hardest group of animals to hunt in the wild, now of course I don’t condone hunting of any sort, ever or anywhere. In this case its just a phrase to see if you can spot these animals on your safari adventures! Now for us we managed to see 4/5 which was pretty impressive.

The Big 5 consists of;

  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Elephant
  • Rhino
  • Cape Buffalo

So the only Animal from The Big 5 that we didn’t manage to see was the Leopard! This was a because leopards like to hide in long grass, sleep all day and hid in tree’s. Thats the gist I got from our safari rangers, so we didn’t quite get the chance too see the leopards, next time though!

23We had two safari rangers in the truck with us, one driving and one was sat on the front of the truck as more eyes to see animals. We had these two guides all week and they were wonderful to us, they took real good care of all of us and made us feel safe even though they weren’t armed like some guides are. They were incredibly friendly and told us about the animals on the way around, taking us to beautiful parks of the park and all where we could watch the sunrise and sunset.  The photo above is one of our guides carrying one of the little lads, Oscar, on his back when we left the safari truck in the middle go the park. This was because he was small and we were almost 5 feet away from some cheetahs we had left the truck and had walked to see, and these cheetahs will eat small things! Because we were all taller and larger than the cheetahs they would not go near us, but for little Oscar it was a free piggy back ride! 46

Being in the safari trucks was a lot of fun as they were these huge big trucks with about 15 seats just barrelling its way through the park, the roads were rough and it ws always bouncy but we were always giggling about it and making funny noises with our mouths whenever it would jiggle just that little bit too much. Zooming around the park and driving through lakes or streams was so much fun, it was proper off-roading but also staying on the beaten track. some of the sights and views were phenomenal, I just wish Id taken more photos on safari!

14My favourite part about the morning safari’s, and the evening safari’s too, was the fact that when we had been out in the park for a while, I never knew the exact time as I was enjoying myself too much, the rangers would then take us to a spot on the park where we can park up, get out of the truck and be able to have some snacks and drinks! We set up camp one morning where the view of the mountains and the park ahead was beautiful, we sat and had tea and South African Biscuits whilst we recharged as we hadn’t had breakfast yet before setting off.

I wanted to be specific when writing about the animals we saw but I realised I really couldn’t be, we regularly saw SO many animals throughout the week it was fascinating, I believe it was a morning safari where we saw the Elephants, Zebra’s, Lions, Monkeys, Boars, Rhino’s, Kudu and plenty more.

40It was an experience I will never forget, visiting watering holes and seeing all the animals in their natural habitat is so surreal, I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have the chance to experience something like it!

The day safari’s were good fun, of course. But If I had to choose my favourite between a morning safari or a night safari it would definitely be the night safari.

But don’t worry! Ill get around to telling you why on my next blog post about it!


South Africa – Staying On Kruger National Park, A Lion to greet us & Grim spiders.

Aloha, I should first address the fact I haven’t posted in two months, Starting full time work was a rather large jump and its clear I wasn’t used to it! Starting placement means I now have next to no free time so I will try and update you guys as often as I can, Im gonna do a post specifically talking about life at some point, I will not allow myself to leave you all yet again for 2 months, promise! So anyway lets get straight into it;



After the hellish journey too Johannesburg from the UK we arrived in the evening and stayed in the Hilton at the airport. We were to be driving 5 hours to the Kruger national park the next day. Next morning we got up, rented our car and set off! We were in two cars and the drive to the safari national park was long. I read a lot of my book, was nosey when we travelled through small towns, we saw a thunderstorm over the mountains, drove past an entire field they had set on fire, and saw some occasionally cool sights and waterfalls throughout.

Finally we arrived at Indlovu Lodge, on Kruger national safari park. Its huge, obviously. The compound itself was made up of just over 5-6 cabins all close together and our villa was lovely. There driveway to the lodges was pretty long, but that didn’t stop a lion from greeting us as we were on our way up. We weren’t even on the safari vehicles yet and there was already this Lion so close! 1 Out of the Big 5 down already! Of course I’m there trying to take photos whilst my sister is in the back screaming “NO” with real tears.

The villa was lovely, we had a pool and a balcony area which overlooked a river on the game reserve, so we regularly saw animals having a drink! We also had a little BBQ area where we all sat and had dinner a few times. We also had a large kitchen and dining area large enough for all of us and a lovely lady who cooked for us most nights!


There were a few bedrooms as there was 9 of us so we were all very cosy. My room was in the roof with my sister, the roof was thatched so it was always really cool and to top that because it is watched we could hear the lions roaring together one night.

We had a trampoline in the back garden which we were only allowed to use in the day due to the fact that at night there were scorpions that lived underneath it and the spiders in the tree’s above it! we came across lots o’ creepy crawly’s whilst we were there and the 5spiders were some of the WORST. The size of the spiders was anything to make you wince and they were all incredibly large and colourful, it was grim. They made their webs between the trunks of tree’s so it was easy to walk through webs, made me skin crawl all the time. There was a huge spider on the buzzer by the entrance to the lodge when we arrived and that was enough to put me off from the start.

The only real downside was that the floor of the pool was like sandpaper so if you so much as scratched any of your body on those walls you can just kiss goodbye to your skin completely. It was painful and I came away with scars!


South Africa – We need to discuss this journey from hell.

I went to South Africa a few years back, Im mainly writing about it because I know it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will never forget it. one day maybe I’ll be lucky enough to go back hopefully and do everything we didn’t get to do!

Now the plane journey was enough. It needed its own blog post. Because the journey was an incredibly unfortunate one. The time to South Africa, landing in Cape Town, should’ve taken us 11 and a half hours. It was a night flight and sleeping was the plan even though I can’t sleep on any mode of public transport. But surprisingly enough I managed it this time for the first time ever. Theres a lot of us on this trip so we’re all excited getting on the plane ready to sit on our arses for a few hours for the holiday of a lifetime!

The Plane takes off absolutely no problem at all, it wasn’t till we were about 5 hours in that we noticed something wasn’t quite right. Now the last thing I remember seeing is the crew and a first aid kit heading very fast towards the back of the plane. All the crew were occupied with something else, followed by an announcement for a doctor on board. I fell asleep after that.

Myself and my sister on the plane!
Now I didn’t wake back up until we were in Barcelona. Yup, Barcelona! Not South Africa. As it had turned out, unfortunately for one of the cabin crew their appendix had burst and we had to turn around to Barcelona to get the crew member off the plane and to safety. Luckily in the end they were all a-okay which was a relief!

When I woke up I was so disorientated about the fact we were in Barcelona and I was so tired, I cried! Tragic I know, but I was tired alright! So the end result in this first aid was that after landing Barcelona they wouldn’t let us get of the plane, so we were sat on the runway for the next 4 hours until we had to go back to the airport, in the UK. We landed at 6am and were not allowed to board the plane again until 11am. The man was alright and that was the main thing! This late boarding of the plane was mainly because of a cabin crew change due to their hours they’re allowed to fly. Which is understandable as if I was cabin crew after that I’d have just had enough. Shout out to all the cabin crews out there, you’re smashing it.

To compensate for the fact we were back in the UK we got a complimentary Starbucks because who doesn’t enjoy being a stereotypical white girl for free eh? I just remember plugging my phone into the wall, sitting on the floor and then pleasantly staying there till we were called to board the plane again!

I didn’t mind staying in the airport at all, I love the airport more than anything! Its one of my favourite places to be because of the hustle and bustle and the constant buzz, people coming and going, hello’s and goodbye’s and all these different stories of different people. Its just an exciting place!

In the airport hotel in SA!
After getting back on the plane the journey was plain sailing, we even got a night in Hilton at the airport at the other end due to the time we landed because we were driving to the Kruger National Park, and that would take us 5 hours. So we all set up in the hotel for the night which was much more pleasant, could do the journey refreshed that way too!

I was more excited about the fact I was in Africa, and there was so much to see & do!

Whats to come: Cape town / Safari / Robin Island / Table mountain & more!