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Whatever Wednesday – Budapest Up & Coming!

Whatever Wednesday! BUDAPEST IN T- 6 DAYS! Am I excited? Understatement. My passport and bag is already nearly packed even though I'm moving into my University flat 4 days before we go away! I've got a list of all the clothes and things I need, I want to be perfectly organised as I am usually… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday – Budapest Up & Coming!

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The Budapest Bucket List

So Naturally even though I'm not going to Budapest until August, I wanted at least a brief overview of some of the things I wanna see and do! SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!!!! I feel like the list is already pretty long but if you all know any places I have missed off then that would be amazing,… Continue reading The Budapest Bucket List

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Bringing back the Student Blog & heading to Sri Lanka!

YAAAAS so I do actually have another blog! Believe it or not, and unfortunately it did drop off the spectrum once I got about a year into my University Life. The other blog was about A typical Day In the life of a University student! So As I am heading back Into my 4th year… Continue reading Bringing back the Student Blog & heading to Sri Lanka!

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How The Tube Used to Terrify me & Some Summer Plans too!

When we first moved a little closer to London for placement year, my main worry was that my biggest fear was the tube (at the time). I knew I'd want to buzz about London and see all the sights etc, and ideally the tube is the best way to do it! So why did I… Continue reading How The Tube Used to Terrify me & Some Summer Plans too!