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Budapest’s Beautiful & Creative Street Art

All throughout the streets of Budapest are some of the most beautiful pieces of art I really have ever seen painted on the side of buildings!  The aim of the Budapest street art was too ensure that the rejuvenation of their streets was successful in making the area more welcoming and also spruce it up… Continue reading Budapest’s Beautiful & Creative Street Art

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Whatever Wednesday – HAPPY 100!!!!

Whatever Wednesday!   ITS BLOG POST 100!!! AYEEEEEEE I'm pretty impressed with myself that I've actually managed to make it this far and keep my blog up for this long! I really do find my motivation with my blog is like a real rollercoaster, at the moment it's dipping as I'm under so much stress.… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday – HAPPY 100!!!!

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Whatever Wednesday – Future Travel Plans & A Brief Hiatus.

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY!   So I disappeared for a little bit, Starting back at university and also a part time job has proved incredibly stressful. Especially because freshers flu has walloped me in the face the end of last week and this week, I'm better than I was lets just say that.  BUT It is good… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday – Future Travel Plans & A Brief Hiatus.

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Whatever Wednesday – Uni Stationary Necessities on a Budget.

Whatever Wednesday This weeks Whatever Wednesday topic choice as per popular demand of my IG Poll is; UNIVERSITY STATIONARY NECESSITIES ON A BUDGET!  So next week will be My Future Travel Plans, which I have PLENTY of to tell you about! So what would I say is a necessity? Well, for starters, a pen. I… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday – Uni Stationary Necessities on a Budget.

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The Sunshine Bloggers Award!

Hey all, welcome to my post on The Sunshine Blogger award! Just to keep you all in the loop before we get started, I travel to Budapest tomorrow! So there will be no Whatever Wednesdays until I return from Buda on August 31st!  Its the Sunshine Blogger Award! Big thank you too IndefinitelyJ for nominating… Continue reading The Sunshine Bloggers Award!

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Whatever Wednesday – Budapest Up & Coming!

Whatever Wednesday! BUDAPEST IN T- 6 DAYS! Am I excited? Understatement. My passport and bag is already nearly packed even though I'm moving into my University flat 4 days before we go away! I've got a list of all the clothes and things I need, I want to be perfectly organised as I am usually… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday – Budapest Up & Coming!

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Whatever Wednesday – My Top 10 Favourite Tunes

Whatever Wednesday! First of all my apologies for posting on THURSDAY when its Whatever Wednesday! Life got in the way last night & I ended up spending all night down the Beach hut with one of my friends. Personally I feel its a good enough excuse, so here we are today! Please enjoy!   So… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday – My Top 10 Favourite Tunes