The Blog Brew Collaboration – Halloween Get Together Themes!

Halloween Get Together Themes!

Its SPOOKY SEASON. And you know what that means, Halloween! With halloween comes endless spooky season fashion, make up, SFX and the most amazing costume ideas you’ve ever laid your eyes on. I strongly feel that with all that there just needs to be somewhere to show all those great things off and what better way to do so than a get together or heading out trick or treating as a group? (Covid permitting, of course!). So here are some party theme ideas that you can use for your Halloween 2020!

Day of the dead theme.

We all love a good candy skull, what’s better than loads of them? Who can come up with the most colourful candy skull make up? Who can wear the most traditional and funky outfit that matches the skull? THINK OF THE DECORATIONS YOU COULD FIND. This theme would be a lot of fun I’m actually considering it myself. High effort but would also work out really fun.

Pumpkin theme.

ALL ORANGE EVERYTHING. The clothes, the shoes, the face paint, the sweets, the decorations, EVERYTHING ORANGE. If anyone rocks up in something not orange? Send them home. No place for non-pumpkin intruders. This theme could also be really quite funny. Just don’t suggest any pumpkin carving competitions and if you do, make sure its a pumpkin not a person. Medium effort from all parties on this theme!

Anything but clothes theme (Spooky edition).

Now the anything but clothes theme is quite a big one at university I found and people can be really really creative. So make the theme a spooky edition and see what people can come up with, but if anyone arrives in a Tesco or McDonalds bag dress send them home. A’int nothing spooky about that. This can be high or low effort, depends completely on the person and their ideas!

Most realistic injury theme.

There is where SFX make up specialists can have a field day. Think of the cuts and bruises, amputated limbs, the limps, the knifes and forks and whatever else bit of cutlery wedged in bodies all in the name of SFX Make up. This theme has the potential to be actually awesome and really interesting too to see the array of skills on offer. That and you can just buy stick on SFC bruises and cuts from the supermarket, but why not try be more creative and give it a go yourself! SFX and make up can be quite expensive so this theme is quite up there on high effort.

Trick or treats theme.

STICK THOSE SWEETS TO ANYTHING THAT MOVES and drink your drinks out of a trick or treat bucket! That way you’ve always got food to snack on and alcohol in a bucket. Sounds like an actual dream if you ask me. Whats better than alcohol in a bucket? Not much, also really low effort for you and your guests on decorations, costumes and snacks. It also has the opportunity to be on the cheaper side too.

Animals only theme.

Dead or alive its halloween what does it matter? As long as you’re an animal It doesn’t matter. Naturally this also gives the opportunity for all the cat costumes to make an appearance, but this theme is also quite nice and easy so its very low effort which can be beneficial really.

Toilet paper creation theme.

The most low effort idea but definitely the most fun. Who can rock up looking like the best toilet roll mummy? IMAGINE all of you dressed as mummies. At least if there are any spillages you can just clean it with your body. Although there would be a lot of mess from this as everyones loo roll remains would be all over the place. Decorations wise you could quite literally just teepee your whole house.

Best Spooky Make up theme.

MUA’S ASSEMBLE. This is another one where you can see some real MUA skills. High effort for most but pretty low for some. I’m low effort on this one personally. A spider web from my nose to my eye is enough, even some leopard prints on my forehead etc will do the trick! Literally anything goes with this which is also great cause people can dress how they want too.

Superhero and Princess theme (Spooky/dead/zombie edition).

A real nice, easy and fun theme that can be spread across all ages and can be high or low effort for this too. Plus there are SO MANY superheroes and princesses to choose from, you’d have your basic superhero and princess ball but everyone there is dead or a zombie. Decorations would also be easy and you can mix between halloween, princess and superhero bits and pieces.

Moviestar theme.

Much like the theme above this is pretty open ended and can be low or high effort from all parties. There are just so many films you really are spoilt for choice. Decorations could just be your standard halloween decorations with the occasional item that is taken from multiple films. See what people notice and what they don’t!

The night of a thousand theme.

This I love. It could be the night of a thousand zombies, a thousand ladybirds, a thousand Uma Thurmans from Pulp fiction, a thousand marshmallows, a thousand cheerleaders. THERE COULD BE SO MANY PEOPLE DRESSED EXACTLY THE SAME. (Obvs not 1000 cause Covid only allows 6 but hey you work with what you’ve got!) Which is huge for confusion but can also be really fun. High and low effort again it really does depend on the thing the theme is based on and thats all down to you.

So there are just some basic but not your typical halloween ideas! I hope you feel inspired and are just as excited for spooky season as I am! If you do do any of these ideas? LET ME KNOW!

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  1. These are great ideas! I really love the idea of making a costume out of anything but xlothes, which reminds me of an Igor costume we made from bin bags and a pillow (for the hunch). The ‘1000 of’ theme sounds great too – I’d love to do that with a zombie theme one year.


  2. These are great ideas for themes! The toilet paper theme sounds so fun as well as the pumpkin theme! I love pumpkins & it would be fun to dress up as one too haha


  3. These are such fantastic theme ideas! I really love the Day of the Dead and most realistic injury themes. There’s so much you could do with those; the possibilities are truly endless! Thanks for sharing!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐ŸŽƒ


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