My New Domain & Instagram!

I finally have my own blog domain!

No more

Welcome to!

I have wanted to do this for so so long, I’ve been talking about it for months and it has finally happened! I decided not to move away from WordPress so have gone with the basic package offered by which worked out the best for me. This was because it wasn’t too expensive and I don’t currently have enough time to do a business profile but one day soon I shall upgrade again!

Not only am I happy to lose the from my URL but I am also SO HAPPY that it is spelt the way I’ve always wanted it to be spelt. I know that a Wonderer is a perfectly good word and it works with Traveller, but I naturally wanted Wanderer. I know what you’re thinking. Wanderer and Traveller, Traveller and Traveller. I guess thats kinda the point!

To celebrate the fact I now own I also brought my travel Instagram back!

I started this Instagram about 2 years ago and fell of it and stopped posting which I highly regret. But I felt it was only appropriate to bring it back to life. This will be dedicated to all my old travel pictures FOR NOW. Obviously due to COVID-19 there isn’t much travel happening, especially with our Aus trip being rescheduled, so I will be reposting a few old pictures until we go away again in the future!

So if you fancy it head on over for more content, I’ll be sharing all the love and returning all the likes and follows so hit me up!

I am really excited for what’s to come. Now I’ve got to go and get to grips with Google Analytics and SEO, there will be more blog posts coming form me soon including a few from our Amsterdam Trip from last year, some reading round ups, some facts about myself as well. Pinterest and my Facebook page need some love and attention, gosh I have so much on my to do list!

Stay Tuned, I’m excited for the future!


  1. WordPress dot com blogs are ok and they server their purpose, but owning your own domain is top notch. The URL is much leaner and as you said, you can customize it to suit you. Congrats and nice blog!


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