Amsterdam – New experiences, 'Over the Edge'.

I am choosing to write about some of my Amsterdam trip but not all of it as we have visited Amsterdam, Netherlands, before!

Mainly the bits which I haven’t covered before I want to cover this time! So the ‘Over the Edge‘ experience, Hippie Fish, Loetje steak restaurant, Amsterdam River boat cruises and getting the ferry to A-dam Nord all to come in future blog posts! All new things experienced on my second trip to Amsterdam with Brad, but this time with Mel, Stan and Kaat as well! My best friends and university housemates.

We had the absolute pleasure of staying in Stan’s families flat in the centre of Amsterdam. Stan himself is Dutch and from Haarlem! Perks of having friends in other countries hey?!

Big up Stanimal.

I’ll be honest, the Over the Edge experience was not something I had ever heard of before until Mel mentioned it, then we just had to go! So we headed on the tube to the main Amsterdam station and got on the ferry to cross over to Amsterdam Nord! You can see the building, the A’DAM Lookout, from the ferry area, and even further as it is so very tall!

We jumped off the ferry once we had crossed the water and we also found the iAmsterdam sign! I thought this was something they had gotten rid of! So it was a nice treat and lovely photo opportunity, especially as Brad and I had the same photo on our first trip to Amsterdam about 4 years prior but in a different spot.

We headed into the A’DAM lookout and as we were queuing saw the Gibson Throne made out of Guitars! Would have been rude not to take a seat (Its funny because I didn’t). We then all had pictures in front of a green screen of us sat high up over a city on a metal building structure and a picture of us falling backwards. All part of the fun!

Then it was into the totally psychedelic lift which had a light show the entire way up the lift shaft as you reached the top! It was beautiful to watch and definitely unexpected, I didn’t realise until Mel told me to look up as we started our climb up!

We came out on the floor below the terrace. This consisted of a bar, restaurant and floor to ceiling windows, also an entire aerial view map of Amsterdam Centre. The view was absolutely beautiful, overlooking the water and the Amsterdam station and centre. Plus it was also a beautiful day and the skies were blue, we couldn’t have picked a better one if we tried.

After doing a lap of the inside viewpoint we headed upstairs to the terrace where the wind was blowing and the sky was beautiful and blue and we could see all across Amsterdam! We walked around to the ‘Over the Edge‘ Swings excited for our turn!

They’re huge red swings that as they are swinging backwards and forwards it takes you over the edge of the building! You are of course firmly strapped in with a metal harness across the belt and it really is an exciting feeling. They take photos of you both on the swings (but I definitely let Mel take some of our pictures because she’s the real pro) You definitely have the urge to swing your legs as you would on a normal swing and it is very hard not too!

I found that my heart was in my throat and I loved every second of it. Mel and Stan also did it and once we had all had our turn we headed to the outdoor bar they had for beer and tea, enjoy the pictures below of our experience!

Highly recommended and for only 5 Euros per person for the swing, but for the 360 degrees look out also it is around 10-13.50 Euros! Well and truly worth the pricing.


  1. Nicholas Bayley says:

    Awesome post! Enjoyed reading it a lot. I’m in love with Amsterdam, it’s an amazing city with so much to see and do….I haven’t been yet, but it’s definitely on my bucket list!


  2. esther says:

    how fun! I haven’t been to Amsterdam but now I know what to do when I go visit


  3. very exciting and thrilling time you spend and i too am excited to go there


  4. naomijasminx says:

    wow, this looks like an exciting experience!


  5. I’ve visited Amsterdam twice and I still haven’t tried the swing. I seem to have developed a fear of heights recently, but I’m going to force myself to have a go on my next trip! You look as though you had an amazing time!


  6. chlomarie12 says:

    Cool post! I’d love to visit Amsterdam! It looks like such a wonderful place to visit and experience another city. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go next year! The Over the Edge experience looks a little scary though.


  7. williake says:

    This looks so exciting! I’ve only spent a long layover overnight in Amsterdam but fell in love with the city. I can’t wait to go back!


  8. John Aiwone says:

    Will definitely love a ride on this one day, being an adrenaline junkie myself! It would’ve been pretty cool if you share your old and new photos at the IAmAmsterdam sign and did a comparison with the two 😂

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


  9. Jaya Avendel says:

    It is amazing that you got to go up; I would definitely take that ride. I have never gone higher then on a carnival ferry, but I loved every minute of that and being able to see the city from above gives a real scope of the landscape. 🙂


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