Cambridge – A very Jess day out exploring Cambridge!

Jess and I did a full walking tour of Cambridge on our own when Jess came down from Barnsley and had never been to Cambridge before! We didn’t have to pay for one which is always helpful! We definitely walked a couple thousand steps on this day! The weather was lovely as well, we definitely got lucky on our day out!

(Disclaimer: This is all pre-pandemic).

So we started off going through Downing College! Downing college was founded in 1800 and the architecture is hugely impressive and whilst we were there they had trees covered in notes. You could add to them if you wanted too and they were so pretty, just like Downing College ground. So gorgeous and picturesque.

Next up we headed to Christs College! The grounds had beautiful flowers all over the buildings, each flower box was fulled with different colour flowers and there was greenery up all the cobbled walls. More beautiful architecture and was founded in 1437! Another extension of Cambridge University.

Next on our walk was the Holy Trinity Church as this is based right in the centre of Cambridge. You can’t ignore this one as it is between all the shops! Then from there we headed to the market square. Here we saw the Cambridge Market and also the Cambridge City Hall as it is all in the same area.

Directly next to The Market and City Hall was the Great St Marys Church! Here was where Steven Hawkins had his funeral and is right beside Kings College Chapel! So we then headed round to kings college, but we walked all the way around to the front of the college and on the way there passed the Mathematical Bridge. The Mathematical bridge was originally made to stand without any nuts and bolts, only the wood! Unfortunately the students didn’t believe it so they took it all apart only to find out it was true. Then couldn’t reasemble the bridge, so its now back together with the nuts and bolts.

By the Mathematical bridge is the Punting space where you can head down the River Cam punting! We did think about it and decided to go next time we can get all the girlies together in Cambridge for punting and Prosecco on the River Cam. We saw the front and back of Kings College and as ever it was beautiful. I really loved touring Jess around Cambridge.

Finally on our little loop was the gorgeous Fitzwilliam museum. Without a doubt the most beautiful building in the whole of Cambridge personally! A beautiful white building with even more impressive exhibition inside. Me and Jess had a proper gander at the exhibitions before calling it a day and heading back home!

We had such a great day and we saw SO MUCH in one day, I was very impressed with us. Not to mention all the Pokemon we played on our walks. All in all an awesome experience and I can’t wait to see more!

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