#Throwback Iceland 2018 – Our top 20 pictures!

So one of my nearest and dearest friends Jess and I had the absolute pleasure of going to Iceland in January 2018 together, and what better way the reminisce on these amazing trips in this period of Lockdown with our top favourite pictures from the trip!

I dropped Jess a message and asked if she wanted to send me over her favourite 10 photos of our trip to Iceland and she got back to me sharpish! So the first 10 are Jess’s favourite pictures and then the following 10 are mine!

Enjoy and let me know what your favourite snap is!

Jess’s Top 10 Pictures!

The sun never did fully rise each day giving the sky such a beautiful hue in the morning!

My Top 10 Pictures!

This is
This is a frozen lake in the centre of Reykjavik! Everyone was playing football on it!
I like this one because Jess is slipping over.
Hallgrimskirkja Church
The Perlan museum coffee shop and restaurant.
Between two tectonic plates!

So there you have our top 20 pictures! Let me know which one was your favourite!


  1. These pictures are absolutely stunning! I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland ever since I had a close friend visit in high school. She was absolutely gushing about the hot springs and this magic mud that apparently makes your skin feel amazing? I don’t know. But after seeing this pictures, I’m absolutely dying to go. I can’t wait until we’re able to travel again. Great post!


  2. This makes me want to go to Iceland so bad! I’ve never really felt the pull there before but as of late the desire has slowly but surely crept in a little more.
    Probably because I’m a shocker when it comes to constant cold and snow but it looks too amazing to pass up on!
    I love all of the pictures but my favourite would have to be Jess’s 8th. I’m a sucker for a landscape shot!


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