Birchbox – March Products

So this March the Birchbox theme was international Woman’s day!

Empowering and lifting up your fellow ladies is what makes the world go around, Share all the love and support in hard times like these, I hope you are all keeping safe!

So, to celebrate International woman’s day here is what I received in my March Birchbox!

Forgive Me Suzie Liquid Eyeshadow – I’ve never owned a liquid eyeshadow but this product looks really easy and useful especially when doing eyeshadow can be incredibly time consuming! Its a beautiful smokey colour as well, I am excited to try this one! Especially as it doesn’t budge or smudge! RRP £8.00.

The Beauty Crop Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner – WE ALL KNOW I LOVE A GOOD EYELINER, So to have another when I have already nearly used up BOTH of the ones I received before, it’ll be good to use this one, liquid eyeliner is the way forward. RRP £14.00.

Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum – Not something I would use as it combats anti-aging and I feel at 23 I’m doing okay! but the product itself looks really good, it brightens skin and leaves it supple and smooth! RRP £32.00.

Daily Concepts Dual Texture Body Scrubber – I use this every damn day since I got it. It has a handle so its really good to scrub all that body lotion in. It comes with a soft side and it also comes with an exfoliation side! Plus it is environmentally friendly and has a label on the side, so when the writing on the label fades, you know its time to throw it away! Mega impressed as I needed to buy a loofa and now I don’t!

Luseta Beauty Coconut Hair Mask – This smells phenomenal, it also really makes a nice difference on the hair! I was impressed with the fact that you leave it on for 10 minutes on damp hair and then wash it out with shampoo and you can smell the coconut is delicious, made me feel good in myself as for me washing my hair is a real pamper session.

So that is what I received in my March Birchbox!

This will be my LAST Birchbox blog post as to help save for the future I am Unsubscribing from the company! Luckily I have plenty of wonderful products to make good use of! Thank you very much for reading!


  1. lindapurcell724gmailcom says:

    Maybe you could report back after you use the coconut hair mask for a bit so we could see if we’d like to buy it.


  2. Holly says:

    I LOVE the theme for March, so empowering and inspiring! The coconut hair mask sounds amazing. I love anything coconut. Thanks for sharing.

    Holly x


  3. A lovely box selection! I’m particularly drawn to the hair mask as I love coconut!


  4. This box selection sounds great – I love the sound of the eyeliner (I’m the exact same, I love a good eyeliner). Thanks for a great post!


  5. jupiterhadley says:

    I’ve never tried a hair mask before, but that one sounds lovely. I love the smell of coconut!


  6. beingzoe1 says:

    what a lovely box! I look forward to seeing more!


  7. Lisa Alioto says:

    I could use a little of that anti-aging product. 🙂

    THanks for sharing – what a great package of product!


  8. sseigler2 says:

    The products you received sound nice. I get nervous about subscription boxes because I don’t want to get stuck with stuff I wouldn’t use. However, they got it right with this box.


  9. Emma says:

    Fab post! Never personally tried Birchbox before – is it worth it?

    Emma |


  10. Sophie Harriet says:

    These all sound like lovely products, I especially like the sound of the hair mask. Coconut is such a lovely scent!


  11. Rachel Hall says:

    I love a good liquid eyeshadow. It really transformed my eye looks 🙂


  12. Nancy says:

    Oooh! Love the contents from your Bitchbox! It is great that you got a ton of exciting products to try out! You can’t go wrong with serums. The sooner you use it, the longer your skin looks young! Thanks for sharing the contents of the box. Enjoy them!

    Nancy ♥


  13. Bexa says:

    It looks like you get so many fantastic products in this months box! I love the sound of the coconut hair mask, I imagine that smells amazing and such a lovely way to pamper yourself. Thank you for sharing and all the best with your savings goals ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  14. The hair mask sounds awesome – love coconut!! Great post!


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