Book Review: Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

Jason Dessen is walking home through the chilly Chicago streets one night, looking forward to a quiet evening in front of the fireplace with his wife, Daniela, and their son, Charlie—when his reality shatters.

It starts with a man in a mask kidnapping him at gunpoint, for reasons Jason can’t begin to fathom—what would anyone want with an ordinary physics professor?—and grows even more terrifying from there, as Jason’s abductor injects him with some unknown drug and watches while he loses consciousness.

When Jason awakes, he’s in a lab, strapped to a gurney—and a man he’s never seen before is cheerily telling him “welcome back!”

Jason soon learns that in this world he’s woken up to, his house is not his house. His wife is not his wife. His son was never born.

And someone is hunting him. 

I chose this book to read on a whim because it wasn’t really my type of book but just reading the blurb had me curious! (Im surprised if the blurb above didn’t leave you curious)

I’m not a very scientific person and there were parts in the story which required a fair bit of explaining in the start to make sense of the storyline and although I found it quite hard to read through it really helped me in the later half of the story to understand it more. It was intriguing and as crazy as the storyline is I also felt like I learnt something!

The storyline itself from start to finish was so gripping. I just had to keep on reading and reading because nothing was given away. Jason Dessen certainly lived an incredible life, or millions. You’re instantly thrown into the depths of it with his life turned upset down, I felt anxious for him through the writing. Such a great page turner.

It is incredibly well written and has a great flow, one that left me thinking even once I’d finished reading the book is that all it takes is for you to make one small decision, take a left turn instead of right, and you, in an alternate universe, took that left and went on a completely different path and this path has branches upon branches. Just how many versions of yourself out there in the multi-verse took different routes of life.

Jason Dessen experiencing these alternate multi-verses and seeing how there are different outcomes through every decision and every doorway has actually, in honestly, been something that hasn’t left my mind.

My only disappointing statement, is that he could’ve done SO MUCH MORE with the ending. SO MUCH. Although it was still fantastic I was left disappointed more wasn’t done and my boyfriend who read the book after me said exactly the same.

Blake Crouch is incredibly talented writer and he has really left me with food for thought after reading this!

For that, this book is a solid 4/5. It was a great read, although the scientific parts were something that I didn’t find easy, it created a great understanding and I did thoroughly enjoy such a gripping read.


  1. Giulia says:

    Great post! I’ve never heard of this book but would love to check it out! x


  2. Wow, thank you so much for writing about this book! I’m a big fan of mystery and world building, and this looks to be right up my alley. I’m also not turned off by sciencey books that go way over my head, I read a lot of Michael Crichton when I was way too young to understand it, and I still enjoyed it. Adding “Dark Matter,” to my reading list now. Thanks!


  3. Sounds like a book that is for me. Putting it on my tbr list that is already two pages long 😂 I love your writting style. It really takes you to a short movie while reading about the book. You can imaginate the characters.


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