Valentines Collaboration, Day 9: Gifts (Or Not?) On Valentines

So lets crack on!

Valentines, it happens every year. And every year I am always that little bit more stuck on what to get my man.

Everyone has a preference, things they like, things they don’t like, buying gifts is HARD in a lot of circumstances. And there is always the argument that, should you really buy your partner a gift on valentines day? Isn’t every day valentines day when you’re in a relationship? Its your basic commercialisation of a day. BUT that is not to say, why the hell not? I love it!

I feel it really is down to personal preference!

So what Can you get your loved one for Valentines day? Just some small recommendations!

  • Flowers. – Nice and easy and never too expensive. UNLESS you want to do expensive. DO IT. My personal favourites are white roses! But I love them generally, not just on valentines.
  • Personalised cards – Other websites available for sure, But I find Moonpig is a great one for making cards which really reach the heart, BUT There are also other options like Etsy for handmade cards and other websites for funny and amusing cards also! There are so many its endless.
  • Spending the day together – for me, this one is really important, especially if you don’t spend much time with your loved one because of work or life just being a little bit crazy. Theres nothing better than a night in on the sofa, or even making time to go out for dinner. Sometimes Valentines is a good excuse to do this when you don’t have time any other time, life moves mad sometimes!
  • An Experience day! – This can be anything! From a dinner with a tasting menu, to a hotel stay, a theatre show and drinks, a car experience, a hot air balloon, the list goes on! Experience days can be anything there is such a variety and they can be tailored to what that person likes!
  • Me To You Teddies – THE CUTEST LITTLE COLLECTIBLES, need I say more? There are so many of these you might as well get more than just the one, right?
  • Valentines Hampers! – Whats better than just one small present when you can throw loads of small trinkets in one huge basket or box! The entire list in one basket if you really want to push the boat out.
  • Chocolates! – Nothing better than satisfying that sweet tooth on valentines! Get a personalised slab of chocolate tell someone you love them but on chocolate!
  • Personalised gifts. – A nice engraved bracelet, or some earrings with their birthstone, a leather bracelet for him with an engraving or a coloured chain, whatever the loved one prefers this will definitely be something sentimental.
  • DIY Presents – Make something out of scratch! Make your card, create a scrapbook, a photo book or maybe even a poem, written words from the heart. There is nothing better than a mug with your faces on or a sign with something personal written on it to hang in your bedroom or around the house!
  • Photo-frames – Framed pictures of you and your loved one, your best friends, your family. photos really are the best memories sometimes. Nothing better than a photo album also.

You know your person better than anyone, give them something you know will make them happy, think about their hobbies and their interests, their favourite foods, sweets, and tailor it all to them! I know this list seems really mediocre and, probably pretty samey, but to your other half? I’m sure any of those things would be appreciated.

Just showing them you love them will be enough, as I said above, spend that time with them, send them lovey text messages, GET THAT CHEESY PERSONALISED CARD AND DON’T YOU FOR A SECOND REGRET IT, it’s important!

But also remember love can be shown not just on valentines day. You do you on Valentines, because really thats all that matters!

Head to the links below for some sights that can help you this valentines!


Websites I Recommend for Gifts & Cards!


  1. Love this post! Great advice for people who are stuck what to get. I’m single so I’ll treat myself to some flowers and have a pamper day with my mum x


  2. This is a great list of ideas for gifts! For Valentine’s Day I just bought my bf a shaving kit & then we made a steak dinner & I made beet steaks for me so it was nice!


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