Birchbox – November Products!

This month’s box is celebrating the release of Frozen 2!!

As a huge Disney fan this is something I am HERE FOR. ESPECIALLY as the goodies from this months box are actually amazing!

There was no motivational quote in this box due to it being a promotional box for Frozen, so I decided to provide you with my own which I believe is important for the start of a new week!

“Make someone smile every day, but never forget that you are someone too”

So what do have in store this month?

Lise Watier Prune Lipstick!

When I saw this lipstick in the box I was SO GASSED. I love lipsticks and this colour is very much like my usual lipstick Mehr and Twig from MAC! So I added this one straight into my make-up bag naturally, this will be making its debut across a couple of nights out! – RRP £23.00

Bodyography Heatherberry Lip Pencil!

This was another steal, matching beautifully with the lipstick of course this ALSO went straight into my make-up bag. I have never owned a lipstick pencil considering I wear so much (dreadful behaviour I know) so to be able to use this one universally across my favourite colours was a solid win. – RRP £11.00

INC.redible Flower Power Hydrating Sheet Mask

Nourishing your face right from this products, leaving the face mask on for 15 minutes your skin will be left feeling fresh! Unfortunately for me, I am allergic to a majority of facemasks (sadface) so another donation to my sister it is! – RRP £5.00

Sukin Rosehip Nourishing Cream Cleanser

So many good smelling botanical oils!! Good for your skin in the winter and is supernatural in its nourishing products with no artificial additives, so animal and environmentally friendly! AND It smells completely BOMBASS, so good! – RRP £12.95

CAKE The Smooth Move Moisture Melt Hair Mask.

I have MEGA thick hair so whenever I receive hair products I always get very excited as I love trying new things out on my my mop! Having this length hair I don’t have to wash it too often so this one will be one to experiment with next time in out of the shower! Leaving it in for 5 mins hopefully this mask will make my hair more manageable and shiny! – RRP £2.99

So that is what was in my wonderful Birchbox for this November! Pushing us right into that festive and christmas spirit! I am so ready for Frozen 2 also!

Hope you all have a magical winter/autumnal season with lots of hot chocolates, crunchy leaves and beautiful scarfs.

J x


  1. Nice post! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it!!


  2. Nice post! A great read!


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