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Whatever Wednesday – HAPPY 100!!!!

Whatever Wednesday!




I’m pretty impressed with myself that I’ve actually managed to make it this far and keep my blog up for this long! I really do find my motivation with my blog is like a real rollercoaster, at the moment it’s dipping as I’m under so much stress. I arrived home today from university and I already feel refreshed. So that fact I’ve gotten this far is really great. It almost feels like it’s given me the extra kick, so I’m hoping to do better on my posts for you all and post more frequently. This girl is getting her shit together.

Starting with posting my first Budapest Blog Adventure in the series on MONDAY!

So there will be frequent updates on Budapest after that, hopefully 2 posts a week as well as Whatever Wednesday for you all. Next week I will release a Budapest blog post before I leave for my trip and when I return! What trip you ask? WELL

T-8 Days until we go to NORWAY!

That’s right lads me and a couple of my friends booked to go to Norway last minute! It’s only for 4 days but I am so excited for a new country with these girls! Travelling mid semester for the win, it was uber cheap for 4 days away!

Im looking forward to experience a new place and see the sheer beauty that Norway has to offer. I’ll be regularly updating on my Instagram as well so stay tuned for it! We will be hiking and visiting the Fjords and all sorts of beautiful scenery, I am SO excited to get away from reality for a while.

We have booked a couple of airbnbs and a rental car and are road tripping this bitch! We fly into Oslo and then will move onto Flam a small village in Norway sort is easier for us to see the Fjords! It’s all going to be a very busy 4 days!

I’m also VERY close to completing my Iceland video!

I KNOW I WENT TO ICELAND NEARLY A YEAR AGO. Let’s not talk about it because I’ve wanted to get it done for so long but my editing skills are at a solid 0 so Brad, with all his patience thank God, is teaching me the ropes! So hopefully I will also have a video for that up soon!

I will make sure I film some good footage in Norway too don’t worry!

Next week I’ll be posting the Norway essentials as I will be getting ready to travel! So expect an update once I have returned from Norway!

Lots of love



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