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Whatever Wednesday – Happy Halloween, I am BACK.




Having the hiatus away from my blog was really good for me. I got all my assignments on track and I am all caught up on my uni work, as well as on my blog posts! I have got plenty to come for you all with my Budapest/fest and Bath trips!

That will all be coming up within the week for you all, it feels really good to be back posting! Thank you for those who were patient with me being away. Its really appreciated.

Happy Halloween!

This weeks Whatever Wednesday is about our Halloween celebrations here at uni within our 67a House! So as I said before there are 12 of us living in the house, so its actually a little bit of a madhouse (but I wouldn’t have it any other way).

IMG_20181028_114606_803.jpgFrom the start of September we had been planning the phattest Halloween house party, Or as we liked to call it, Halloween at Seshlehem. Naturally having 12 flatmates we also need a lot of living space so our flat is nothing shy of your basic flat but after the Saturday night it proved to be adequate for just over 70 people.

We made a Facebook event about a month before the party inviting well over 100 people. Just over 60 RSVP’d in the end but it was great as I’m pretty sure most people who RSVP’d came to the party!

In the build up to the party we all between us spent £3-5 on some Halloween necessities like decorations and plastic cups etc! The boys decided their contribution as well as the decorations would be a pedestrian sign from the road outside because I mean who needs that anyway right?IMG-20181028-WA0002.jpg

By the time we all had contributed we had SO MANY decorations. On the day (Saturday 27th) we spent a good couple of hours putting up the decorations and making the flat look incredible! I’ve got a few photos although they are from after the party so it doesn’t do any justice as a lot of the decorations got pulled down, but you can still get the gist of how ready for the party we were beforehand.

Moving 2 out of the 3 sofa’s from our lounge into the hallway to make room for the dance floor and DJ Decks was a mission in itself but we managed it and the set up was amazing. We had multiple DJ’s who set up in the corner of the room, we had disco lights and all, all of our friends and my man Brad on the decks shout out to you guys if you’re reading this because you were all sick.

Once the party got started it was pretty amazing, all of our uni friends were there and even some friends from home/placement/around all over the place came for the party. The kitchen was so full you couldn’t get in it if you tried, I walked in, gave up and walked out again.

It was a great night. We ended up kicking some people out of the house around 4am but only 2 or 3 I believe to call it a day although us ourselves didn’t finish till a little later. Myself? I passed out at 5am and didn’t surface until 1pm the following day. I fell asleep in a room full of about 6 or 7 people so everyone was quite impressed with my efforts.

Overall Halloween was sick. We had an amazing night and we are already planning on doing it again!

Till next time #ChristmasPar-T



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