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Whatever Wednesday – Future Travel Plans & A Brief Hiatus.



So I disappeared for a little bit, Starting back at university and also a part time job has proved incredibly stressful. Especially because freshers flu has walloped me in the face the end of last week and this week, I’m better than I was lets just say that. 

BUT It is good to be back none the less, I have just underestimated my workload for uni and how many shifts I would work in the week. Being back at university has also caused me to go down a notch, I am pretty stressed and feeling pretty anxious and lonely (even if I do live with 12 people I’m sure people can relate).

So I shall be going on a short Hiatus. 

The plan is to get myself sorted and manage my workload correctly so that I also have time to write blog posts for you all as well as be well, you know, happy. I have a lot to write about for you all including Whatever Wednesdays, Budapest, Budafest and Bath! As well as a 10,000 word dissertation and all of my 4 modules work for university, so you see my issue but I will getting started asap.

HOPEFULLY you can all understand why I am disappearing for a while, literally 2 weeks MAXIMUM. I will still be incredibly active on my social media sites Instagram and Twitter so you can still keep up with what I am doing whilst I am away if you fancy too!

I will start posting again in two weeks on the 31st of October with a Whatever Wednesday post and the start of my Budapest & Budafest Sagas!


ANYWAY, I wanted to share with you all of my future travel plans for 2019, where I am heading and what I am doing so that you guys know whats to come!

My next time away wont be until FEBRUARY which is soooooo long away but I’ve got to get through most of my studies! I am heading to Sri Lanka with my University course. Its a very exciting trip, a real once in a lifetime thing for myself. I get to go with all my best university girls as well as learning how Sri Lanka has recovered their tourism sector since the boxing day tsunami in 2004. The real unfortunate question is if they have managed to salvage it as I believe the chances of them being able to do that was very slim and from what I have heard from people who have visited Sri Lanka, its not looking good.

It will be so insightful especially as I am highly into Crisis and Disaster management. Hopefully in the future I will be able to help create plans to prevent things like this creating such a catastrophic aftermath ever again.

My next trip after Sri Lanka is to France. Val-d’isere with my family! I visited when I was younger, I skied and had a skiing instructor who hated me and would only speak to me in french. It was great, miss u Gee. I was then plonked in a french ski nursery whilst my parents went skiing and spent 4 hours crying. It was gr8. So as you can imagine, I haven’t been back since so I have absolutely no idea how to Ski or Snowboard. It will be amazing especially because it will be my family and both mine and my sisters partners as well! Bradders on the slopes! Carnage if you ask me.

And finally, hopefully a nice getaway the two of us me and Brad! The plan is Prague and then to Malaga in Spain! Id love to go to Prague as its a place I have never been before, I have also heard the beers are SO CHEAP. Plenty to see as well especially as its a new place so the entire place to explore of course! AirBnB round 3 here we come.

Then once we are done in Prague my wonderful Nan owns a villa in Malaga, Miraflores! We have been going there since I was a child so to be able to take Brad to Miraflores will be a real dream come true. Its like a safe haven so to take Brad will be really special and important. I can’t wait already! Especially as it will be our 3 year anniversary, so a treat to ourselves is our little get away. 

Overall I have a pretty exciting year coming up for 2019, I don’t want to wish my years away. But I am already excited for whats to come!


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