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Whatever Wednesday – Uni Stationary Necessities on a Budget.

Whatever Wednesday

This weeks Whatever Wednesday topic choice as per popular demand of my IG Poll is;


So next week will be My Future Travel Plans, which I have PLENTY of to tell you about!

So what would I say is a necessity?

Well, for starters, a pen.

I am usually very organised when it comes to stationary for the new uni year. Some people invest in pretty stationary with inspirational quotes all over the front and that is the person I aspire to be. But Alas I am a lil broke bunny so I did stationary shopping on the cheap this year and it actually did me wonders.

I wrote a list of the things I felt I needed and I am going to share that list with you! 

I Also managed to get EVERYTHING I needed in Wilkos, for £8.25!

My Necessities include;

  • A Folder for the year!

I always write out my notes in my lectures so that once the semester is over I can rip all the pages out of the notebook and store them safely and in order away in my folder! So therefore if I ever get any paperwork, print outs or notes from the lecture I can file them all in order!

Ring Binder – £2.00

  • Folder Dividers

To join with the point above! I use the Dividers in the Folder so that I can divide up my paperwork by module! Because if it was all just together in one lump I might as well be prepared to lose my entire mind trying to find something I need in my notes. 

Folder Dividers – £0.75p

  • Pens 

The wonders of the packs of 10 Biro black pens. The saviors of the uni and school years, the trusty and dependable. And dirt cheap as well. What MORE do you need. pens are pens after all, as long as they work.

BIC Ballpoint Biros x10 – £1.50.

  • Small Pencil Case

Literally my pencil case looks like a slug. Its just Grey with a yellow zip no bigger then the size of my forearm. Doesn’t take up too much room in your bag and is perfect for a small amount of pens and maybe even some pencils if you REALLY wanna mix it up.

Small Pencil case – £1.50

  • Highlighters

To Highlight all those important notes you’ll be taking! But don’t go overboard. You do not need 7 million lighters, you literally need maybe 3-4 tops.

BIC x5 small highlighters – £1.50

  • Notepads

I buy a notepad for each module. This year I have 3 modules so 3 notepads! I usually get notepads with the holes ALREADY punched in so it saves me having to buy a hole punch as well for my folder.

A4 lined notepad with Holes for a Binder – £1.00

  • x2 Folder/Notebook Holders!

I bought the most extra notebook holders, rose gold mesh to hold my 3 notepads and my folder for the year. I just like my desk to look organised as well as having myself organised. 

Honestly, I didn’t buy much more. I have never really needed anything more. BUT your university course may be different and you may require some coloured pencil and pens and couple more folders, maths stationary, every course is specific and particular. Ill just let you deal with that one whatever your course!

Everyone is so different with their organisation to university you can’t pin point exactly what is needed but for me on a budget, the stationary above is all I have needed!

Until next week!



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