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Whatever Wednesday – Freshers?

Whatever Wednesday!


So this week on Whatever Wednesday I wanted to run an idea past everyone before we get started;

—– If I was to post a playlist of my top 10 favorite songs from my Spotify that week, from my discover weekly playlist which is updated weekly, would you be interested to read it/hear it? ——

Please let me know in the comments, I want to hear from those who keep up with my blog and what they want to read about!


So this week is the start of freshers week!

I still love to party and I still love to drink. But I just do not rate the Lincoln freshers. Its an amazing Line up, but Its freshers week!

Everywhere will be OVERLY busy due to it being Freshers week which for myself and my anxiety is completely unbearable. Usually I’m really good and it never effects me on a night out. Its just when its wall to wall busy it takes all of the fun out of the night out. Naturally in freshers that’s exactly what its like.

Overselling tickets, to busy to dance and queues so long at the bar you almost want to give up. The reason I don’t see the hype here in Lincs? Everything you can do in freshers week you can do EVERY WEEK hereIts not just a lucky one off thing. I can go to every event from Monday to Sunday all over again, AFTER freshers week. So I don’t feel bad for working through the week as I’m not missing anything new!

Freshers week events with famous headliners? fair enough that’s something to go too. I went to Sigma on Monday night, it was fucking MAD! Its certainly not lost its appeal, I do still love the sesh. I just would rather make money than spend it when I am SKINT. Plus Lincoln is good but its not THAT good. Ill be heading out plenty once I am all sorted with my university rota!

I just do not believe this freshers hype! When you are a 1st year, it is a great ice breaker, but don’t let the hype take you because you will be disappointed. 

What I Do believe is that the freshers this year are 2000 Babies! That includes my sister! I am terrified. I feel so old and I am not even 22 yet. They all look so young. 

The best thing so far about starting back at uni has definitely been that I have 12 flatmates from all over the world! Canada, Belgium, Netherlands and America!

Might even do a little mini series ‘Meet my flatmates’ with them if they’ll be willing to take part!

Its really so good to be back to where it all started though. I have never felt more motivated which is a really amazing feeling as I have said in my previous blog post!

I have already worked for two weeks at my new job as well. Its really handy as I live directly behind my workplace! The training has been easy as I’ve headed back to another Hilton, its just a really great feeling to be back at work whilst studying.

(Plus I love the uniform!)


Again PLEASE DO let me know IN THE COMMENTS if my Monday Morning Playlists are something you guys would be interested in hearing and reading! 


J x


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