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Whatever Wednesday – September Goals & A Feature!

Whatever Wednesday!

So this weeks Whatever Wednesday is more of what I would aim to have in terms of online goals with my social media, Im going to keep it short and sweet and leave some links as well! Also I Feature on Victorias blog as well, scroll down for links and more!

Its a busy week this week so far with work and all my friends graduating! I can’t wait to be able to write about Budapest & Bath. Getting organised for uni is a first as well, already got everything I need almost 2 weeks in advance! 

So I feel like I am doing really well with my blog recently, I just really enjoy it. So these are my September and probably some of October goals as well;

I’ve also got some plans for my blog for the future as well! As well as so much coming up in terms of blog posts!

One plan is that I want to get going to Self-Hosted! Although I don’t know too much about it, Im going to start looking into how to go self-hosted nearer the end of the month. Its something I have been wanting to do for a while but just haven’t had the time to sort so will definitely be needing some advice there!

Also this week I am incredibly happy to say I have featured on Victoria’s ‘Meet The Blogger’ Posts on her blog! I answered an array of questions and you can find out more about me here over on the link!

Vicki also has a really lovely blog so check her blog as well!

Written by Victoria over at Meet The Blogger – Jessie 

Anyway those are just some of my goals for my blog and social media! I usually follow back as well, love the blogger community a whole lot.



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