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Whatever Wednesday – Back to Uni & New Starts!

Whatever Wednesday!


Hey guys! Once again by popular demand of my Twitter & Instagram poll between My September Goals & Going back to Uni, Uni was the winner!

In association with this post I’ll be doing blog post on 10 top tips to remember when starting/going back to University! Out SOON!

So I am heading back to Uni this week!

Its been LONG anticipated after my Placement Year in London, which I ALSO have a post about coming soon. Lots in the works for you wonderful lot to come including all my Budapest Posts!

This year at university will be my final year. 4 years! Some of the best years of my life so far! I have already moved into my new flat, I would post some pictures but I literally moved my things in mid August, drank my weekend away with all my favourites before they graduate and left for Budapest two days after. 

SO I’ll be officially moving in Friday! I can’t wait, Its a pretty big flat. 12 Bedrooms to be precise. So 12 flatmates! I am looking forward to meeting them all and just generally settling in now. My room is the biggest room I have had in my entire 4 years of uni for sure so I am especially looking forward to that. Ill post a blog post on it once I’m completely settled in!

I am Studying International Tourism Management so I have a lot of exciting modules this year, although Dissertation is not one I am looking forward to starting.

For those of you who don’t know what a Dissertation is it is a 10,000 word long research document or essay written by yours truly. Most students will have to do it at some point in their uni lives. Although some get lucky and don’t have too, I ENVY YOU.

I will be writing mine on Dark Tourism. So I don’t really mind all that much, I have a real morbid curiosity for dark tourism I find it so interesting.

My favourite module which I am really excited to get started on is Crisis & Disaster Management. Its something I am really interested in, more morbid curiosity and all in natural & man made disasters and how we can solve them or get around them. I haven’t started the module yet so I am just assuming thats what it entails but either way I am really excited.

Part of the Module is to travel away to Sri Lanka! There we will be able too look into how Sri Lanka has recovered after the tsunami of 2007. I am really excited and although it isn’t till February 2019, I am anticipating every part of the field trip! 

A great thing about university this year as well is that for the first time in 4 years, I HAVE A JOB WHILST AT UNI! 

After doing my amazing placement year at Hilton in Wembley, I managed to arrange a transfer from Wembley to the Doubletree were my university is based! Which is really amazing as I feel like I am going into my 4th year already stronger and more motivated than I have any other year!

I start on Monday a week before freshers week which gives me plenty of time to settle in before I start lectures. I am excited to start back at a proper job, I can’t say pouring ice creams was my ideal summer pass time but it did the job!

Anyway, going back to uni with the motivation I have & how organised I am is a really great feeling. I can’t wait to share my 10 top tips to remember starting/going back to uni with you guys!

Stay tuned for plenty more posts to come!

Budapest adventures, my placement year review, tourism topics and uni topics alike. Can’t wait to share it all with you!



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