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Whatever Wednesday: My Day to Day Jewellery Wears.

Whatever Wednesday! 

So I did a poll beforehand with this topic and it lost to my Budapest trip, which in hindsight makes perfect sense! 

But I wanted to share and talk about the topic with you guys because I want to know what YOU wear on a day to day basis, do you have a favourite piece of jewellery? do you wear the same pieces every day or do you like to mix and match? 

Drop a comment and let me know what your go too jewellery is whether it be day to day or heading out!

So I wear everything listed below every day and the night when out etc. The only time I won’t wear these items is when I either forget too, am going to work with food or risk the possibility of losing the item of jewellery with what I doing in the day or night!


I wear a watch every day. I NEVER used too. I used to hate the feeling of wearing a watch until my mum bought me a beautiful rose gold watch with a white strap from Abbot Lyon for my birthday! Although from wearing it every day the strap is now no longer a very clear shade of white, it hasn’t had to have a battery replace once after 2 years and is still going strong with no scratches either! I now feel naked whenever I don’t have my watch on in the day!

Also on my wrists I wear a Pandora Essence bracelet. Bought for my again as a present by my wonderful boyfriend with a Love Essence charm to go with it. Again I wear it every day without fail. Its really beautiful and minimalistic. It also makes feel nice to wear it knowing my boyfriend got it for me, especially with him knowing I wear it day to day as well.

(Ive also got my Budafest wristband on as well as it did only finish yesterday, thats right. I have managed to blog consistently whilst also drinking consistently for 7 days, I am impressed with myself personally).

Hands; I only ever wear two rings on my fingers.

IMG_20180827_194931.jpgOne is the Pandora Princess ring. Its been out for YEARS, I think they may have finally stopped selling it but I doubt it as its quite popular. I was bought mine by my dad for me when we were in South Africa in 2013! The best part about it was because it had gotten so old it snapped. Naturally I was gutted and headed to Pandora to explain how I didn’t have the receipt as it was bought as a gift and in SA. They fixed it for me and gave it back to me good as new for free! 



My other ring I wear is the Pandora Love Forever ring bought again by my wonderful boyfriend. Naturally it being a promise ring I wear it literally as often and much as I can. If I could I wouldn’t never take it off, its really beautiful.


I only wear one necklace, It hasn’t come off my neck since March 12th 2015 when I turned 18 and my mum bought me a St Christophers necklace. For those of you who haven’t seen one before it is a small pendant on a chain which on the back has pictures of a boat, plane, train and car. The front has the patron saint St Christopher on it who will protect those no matter what the weather or conditions whilst travelling.

Naturally as an avid traveller my mum was excited to get it for me. I haven’t taken it off since. Although I did crash my car whilst it was on, but that was all my fault for being stupid so I am pretty sure it doesn’t count.


I rarely change my earrings. I do have two piercings in my ear lobes but I find that whenever I place silver earrings in my seconds piercings they get infected. So I now avoid putting earrings in my seconds piercings all together. My main ear piercings I always alternate every couple of weeks, but my all time favourite is a pair of white pearls. Big or small I will wear pearls. I love them. Preferably big ones. Worth £2. From Primark.


I don’t really know if this counts so I’ll keep this pretty short and sweet, x2 Sterling Silver Nipple Bars! Never changed as when I did change them I ended up piercing into my flesh as they were daisies. The centre of the daisy was raised. So when turned upside down on my skin instead of just resting, it physically pierced into my skin. So they came out very quickly and sterling silver was popped back in.


I made sure I cropped my gammy toes out because who wants to see those.

My Wave Toe ring! I love the beach and the sea so when I found a toe ring with waves all the way around it, I had to get it. I bought it about 2 years ago and I haven’t taken it off my toe since. It catches in my shoes every now and then but I recon I notice it at least twice a year. It is literally the cutest piece of jewellery I own and I will wear it right up until it breaks.

So that sums up what Jewellery I wear on a day to day basis!

What do you wear?



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