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Reaching Goals & Goals!

This blog post was a last minute thing and I felt it was also super appropriate for the day!

After reaching out properly into the blogger community I finally reached my goal on WordPress of 50 followers!

I never really realised it was a goal until it happened because I never thought it would. I’ve never been all that great at this blogging malarky but im so passionate about it so the fact that I know I have followers who are here to read my blog posts as well as follow me is amazing!

So my next big goal is 100 followers! I’m already on my way, but definitely not there yet. I am humbled by all support and I LIVE for how great the blogging community is!

By continuing to share the love my links are below, follow me on social media and I shall follow you back. I live for sharing the love like this! I love exploring other bloggers; so we all should share the love and get involved!



And thank you as well for the support!


Another reason why this post is important is because it’s A-Level results day!

Today I found out that my baby sister is going to the university she chose as her first choice to study Environmental Science!

I couldn’t be prouder. After days of her moaning on about how she was ready for clearing and had all her clearing numbers ready. I couldn’t have said ‘I told you‘ so fast enough. Although it’s an odd feeling, she’s my baby sister! She’s not doing anything without being covered in cling film. Wrapped tight. 

To all those out there that got their grades, or didn’t even get their grades but got into university, congratulations! Where will you be studying? What will you be studying? You might even be starting to study or already study where my sister is going to go so it would be great to know!

And for those who didn’t get where they wanted or the grades they waned. Don’t panic and please do not let this experience dishearten you, this is not the end of the world I can promise you that. There’s more to life than university and a level grades, don’t let them definite you or bring you down!

There are plenty of things in this world that are necessary and uni is not one of them. I feel a lot of people don’t realize this, it’s okay not to go to uni! Ive noticed it seems to be a common theme of people turning their noses up at those who don’t go to Uni and I honestly want to give them a good slap into reality. You make the choices in your life, no one else.

Clearing is also your friend! Don’t think about it in a negative light if you do go through clearing for uni! Your future is still all set up for you to make your choices, clearing or not. It just gives you that helping hand along the way!

Don’t feel de-motivated, when life brings you lemons, make lemonade!

And I promise no matter what you do, someone will be proud of you and your efforts.


2 thoughts on “Reaching Goals & Goals!

  1. Congratulations on reaching 50 followers and to your sister for getting into the uni she wanted! And you’re absolutely right, there IS more to life than uni and grades. Twelve years in school made me forget about this but I’m starting to see beyond uni life 😊

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