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Whatever Wednesday – Budapest Up & Coming!

Whatever Wednesday!


Am I excited? Understatement.

My passport and bag is already nearly packed even though I’m moving into my University flat 4 days before we go away! I’ve got a list of all the clothes and things I need, I want to be perfectly organised as I am usually all over the place & last minute.

My last trip away was in January to Iceland (which you can read about here!). That was far to long ago, so finally I am heading away to Budapest for 10 whole days!

They’re going to be a great 10 days. We fly Tuesday super early in the morning with Ryan Air. I believe we will be up about half 4 in the morning! I’m hoping that we won’t have any issues with the flights but we shall see!

We’ve also booked a really nice Air BnB for the 10 days we are in Buda for the 4 of us! It’s 4 double beds, a kitchen, bathrooms and a lounge area. Naturally I will be posting live updates on my Instagram whilst I’m away so drop me a follow to see the Chateu du Sesh! (House of partying basically). I can’t wait for my next AirBnB experience!

There are 4 of us going as mentioned before. Myself, Brad & two friends Greg & James! So it’s majorly bloke heavy, I am outnumbered but with those boys it never feels like it! I will basically be the mum of the group I imagine. I already have things planned and I feel like I’ll be telling them to put sun cream on every day so they don’t burn.

I’ll be taking my trusty Go Pro with me on my travels like I did Iceland! I’ll be filming as much footage as I can whilst I’m out there so that hopefully when I return to uni in September I can release a video of the trip later on!

I’ll also hopefully be releasing my Iceland footage at some point! A Travel YouTube channel is nigh! Stay Tuned.

Whilst we are away for our 10 days in Buda expect to see where we visit as tourists, eat, drink and more! We will be partying away at BUDAFEST this trip! A 3 days festival in Budapest with some of the best Techno, House & Garage DJs at the moment! All 4 of us love a fair whack of bassline so to be able to experience some of our favourite DJs in another country is going to be a really phenomenal experience!

I’ve popped a photo of the line up here for you all as well, if we have any of the same musical interests, let me know!


I have my Budapest Bucket List Linked here for you wonderful lot but I will definitely highlight a few of the favourite sites I want to visit whilst away!

One thing I really really want to do is hire a bike! I know 10 days is a long time, a lot of people have told me I’ll have rinsed the city by then but I am SO okay with that! 3 days are dedicated to partying and dancing my life away at BUDAFEST whilst the other 7 I want to know the best places to eat, I want to discover hidden cafes and I want to see all of the main tourist sites to death! I want to get on a bike and ride around everywhere and see everything I can, I really can’t wait!

So the main tourist sites I want to visit & things I want to do in Budapest are:

1. Szechenyi Spa’s, Budapests largest and most famous hot pool spa! I really want to come here for the day and relax but it ALSO will be one of the nights for BUDAFEST! One of the night parties is spent right in the spa itself! Don’t worry, I’ve already got myself a FIRE swimsuit from New Look & Bikini from Boohoo to get me ready.

2. Hungarian Parliament Building, not only is the architecture of this building phenomenal but I would love to go inside a building of so much importance!

3. River Boat Cruise down the Danube river! I saw the Danube whilst I was Riverside in Vienna, but never went on it! So to have the option to dine on the Danube would be something I would really like to experience whilst we boat our way through Buda!

4. Budapest Castle & Fisherman’s Bastion! The most phenomenal architecture of both buildings and how gothic it all seems, I just can’t wait to explore it! The footage I am going to get at these places ohhhhh lord, Im excited to show you all already. Budapest Castle also houses an art museum as well which is also something I would really like to visit and enjoy.

5. Heros Square, also known as Hosok Tere. Here there are many statues of those important in Budapest history to see! 

6. St Stephens Basilica. A beautiful church/cathedral with amazing decor and in size, huge! I can’t wait to explore.

So those are just a few of the sites I know about that are worth the visit and exploring with everyone! A lot of my friends who have been have also given me some good pointers on where to go as well!

I can’t wait to get going, it’s going to be a holiday to remember for sure. I will definitely learn how to get up and go out to in the day with a hangover this time as well as the drinking in their ruin bars will definitely be something we shall be taking part in. Heavily.

Here’s to a really cracking exploring & party session ahead!

Follow live updates at my Instagram here!




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