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Whatever Wednesday – My Top 10 Favourite Tunes

Whatever Wednesday!

First of all my apologies for posting on THURSDAY when its Whatever Wednesday!

Life got in the way last night & I ended up spending all night down the Beach hut with one of my friends. Personally I feel its a good enough excuse, so here we are today! Please enjoy!


So this week as voted on my instagram story between Solo Travel & My Top 10 Favourite Tunes, My Top 10 Favourite Tunes was the winner by literally 52%. Bit like that train crash, sorry, Brexit. 

Anyway! Below I have a list of my favourite songs at the moment in absolutely no particular order at all. Now I feel like you can never assume what music someone likes until you ask them, but I do get a lot of people telling me ‘I look like I’d be into charts music’. How I look like a type of music I will never know. 

I imagine there are a few songs on this list a lot of you wouldn’t have heard, so I’ve linked each song so you can have a listen to them if you fancy!

I am into House, Techno, Dance & DnB music, whatever else with a bit of bass. Something I can dance too. I love going to events, I love a lot of flashing lights and London is the perfect place for it so living there over the year going to places like Fabric, EGG and Tobacco Docks was amazing!

So lets get straight into it;

This one just makes me wanna bop, if its a lil two step or just a head nod its a pretty chill song. I would call this a late night drive groove.

ABSOLUTE QUEEN. No questions asked about that, I have the biggest soft spot for Ariana Grande. I saw her in Birmingham last year and she’s just as phenomenal live as she is on her songs! PLUS I am living for this girl POWER. For all two woman trying to break that glass ceiling” yes Ari you KNOW IT.

A nice bit of Techno on the list, introduced to me when I visited Vienna, Austria, buy my friend. Can confirm, the clubs out there for this kind of music are better than the clubs in the UK by far, and it seems to be that way every where else I’ve been as well!

Trap music. I went through a phase of living for trap. I still do every now and then but this song I have always loved because it is PHAT.

The original is a well known banger, but this Drum and Bass remix is even more so. Very heavy DnB though, personally think its an absolute JAM.

THROWBACK TUNE! If you know this song then you know.

My mother showed me this song. Me and my friend Benzo now just vibe to these tunes whenever we party together. Proper old school style house music with the most beautiful vocals I ever did hear in my life.

The heaviest of techno dubbed from N***as In Paris, with a sample from ‘Game of Thrones’ before the drop! “Close the doors!”

ANOTHER JAM. Another female I have sooooo much life for, and this song is possibly the most accurate set of rules when it come to these situations. Girls she got it down. listen to Dua.

A really beautiful summer tune, this one came straight out of my ‘Summer Vibes’ playlist on Spotify. House music at its most feel good and finest I think.

This one was a late entry, another Drum & Bass song. I found myself repeatedly singing and dancing away to this wherever I am so naturally It had to go on the list.


I am actually quite sad it was only 10, I may do a re-cap in the future and see how much my  favourite songs have changed because I will eventually wear these songs out for sure. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Whatever Wednesday! I am once again really really sorry it was a day late, sometimes life gets in the way but thats alright.


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