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Whatever Wednesday – August! & How to Remove Your Shellac Nails.


WOW, we are already so far into the year it’s a little bit scary?! What are my plans for August? Well!


T-21 DAYS until myself and the lads head to Budapest. Yes I am outnumbered, 3 lads & me, what can go wrong, right?

Considering we are there for 10 days and 3 of them are BUDAFEST, It’s going to be one crazy time, I’m very excited.

I already have a bucket list of bits I’m going to see and do as well!

Check it out here!

If you do have any suggestions of restaurants & bars please do comment and let us know!

I’ll also be moving into my university room for my final year of study?! That’s the craziest part I think, one more year left of uni after already being in Lincoln for 2 years and a placement year for 1, I can’t wait.

Bring it on dissertation!!

Anyway, onto this week’s Whatever Wednesday!


I thought about this post because I have had my Acrylic Extensions with Shellac Gel on my nails now for the past 4 weeks.

Anyone who gets their nails done will know that 4 weeks for acrylics is a looooong time and it’s safe to say I am missing one nail now. But I just CAN NOT find the time to get to a salon and have them removed!

Now this is just for those with Shellac Gel, not the Acrylic, I repeat I do not believe this method will work with Acrylic as it’s not strong enough to nor is it the method of getting of the acrylics from nails, just the shellac gel.

My wonderful friend Sophie did explain to me how to get Acrylics off but as I have never tried it myself I don’t want to say too much! Id probably Fuck it up somehow so I shall just wait so she can do it for me (love you soph).

I always find that getting your nails off in a salon is cheap as well which is great! But when you don’t have time to go and you need to do it yourself it comes in handy!


Make sure you have a little pot that you don’t want to use or eat out of (this is voluntary as there are two methods), tin foil; 10 bits that have been ripped up to small squares that will fit around your finger tips, and cotton pads.

Now you can either use acetone or nail varnish remover too if you don’t casually have any acetone laying around. I usually use nail varnish remover, I don’t even know where I can get acetone from.

So one method would be to fill the small pot up with nail varnish remover enough that you can get your fingers covered by the liquid. Dip your fingers in the pot and LEAVE THEM THERE.

Soak your fingers in the pot for about 10-20 minutes, I find this method always takes a little bit longer as the focus on the shellac isn’t so heavy, it’s just all over your finger tips, which is why I prefer the other method.

The Other method would be to drench the cotton pads in nail varnish remover or acetone and wrap them around your fingers and the nail, mainly the nail of course.

Once the cotton pad is placed on your nail you will when wrap the tin foil around the end of your finger to secure the cotton pad onto you nail, make sure you squish it tight!

Then you sit for about 10-15 minutes with these bad boys on the ends of your fingers, I always find I look like an alien with them on!

Anyway, once the shellac is at the point where it is soft you should just be able to push the gel off your nail or use a cutical pusher to gently push the gel off your nail!

It shouldn’t leave any remaining marks on your nail and I would suggest leaving the nails soaked for as long as you feel is right, 10-15 minutes is my usual, but your nails may be completely different!

I hope that was a helpful and small insight on how you can save your time and a little bit of money instead of popping to the shop and getting them done, you can just do it in the comfort of your own home and nowt stress will come of it!

Pamper yourself, you deserve it.


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