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Whatever Wednesday: Scooters to get around London?

Whatever Wednesday!

Where I talk about Whatever! Literally.



I don’t know if this a new thing or if people have been doing it for ages. But I have only just noticed it.

Bikes are popular to get around London and it makes travel so much easier. But I’ve recently noticed people riding to work or down the street on scooters!

Now personally myself I haven’t rode a scooter since I was about 14, but it’s not a bad idea! At first I was a bit like, what? But now it just makes sense.

Naturally I was a little bit like, uh scooters are for kids, but them I realised that was a stupid thing to say. So I weighed it up, and bare with me here, cause it does make sense.

Bikes are great because it makes your route easier, faster probably in some cases!

You can do your whole journey on your bike or do bits of your journey, that’s where I think some model of bikes are great because you can fold them up and on a busy commuter train into London and out of London, and that makes total sense. (They are I believe the only bikes allowed on a few trains to/from London during certain hours).

The downside is if a bike breaks you’re a little fucked. Punctured tyre? Unless you carry a spare in your work bag, you’re fucked. Your chain has snapped? Again, not uuuuusually something people carry around. I know that there are less chances of this happening, but this is the big WHAT IF.

methode-times-prodmigration-web-bin-4af31f7a-6d92-380c-8939-9edded4b7fcd-3.jpgOf course, bikes are still great, I highly rate the Boris Bikes around London. Purely for their name and the fact that the pictures of Boris Johnson on a Boris bike will NEVER not be funny.

But a scooter is smaller! I know you can get adult size ones but still they’re a lot less in size in some aspects compared to you know, a child’s one! So easier to commute with, but I guess going longer distances would be a little harder as the wheels are smaller and it sure work for yourself, you wouldn’t scooter down a main road thats for sure! Plus you can definitely burn a hole through your shoes. Can confirm, it fucking hurts.

No popped tyres, no broken chains, IT MAKES SENSE.

But the downside is yeah, if you weren’t going far it’s actually a pretty sick idea. 

I know for some people reading this thinking ‘this has been a thing for ages’, I apologise for being late to the party!

Lend me your scooter!!


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