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Whatever Wednesday: My First Market Dress mixed with Confidence!

It’s Whatever Wednesday Week 2!


So recently Brad & Myself headed to Portobello Road Market!

I’d been dying to go cause it was on My London Bucket List & I live for the song ‘Portobello Road’ from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, my basic childhood.

It was a really great day out but it was DAMN warm, we were hungover and I was originally dressed in pretty chill clothing. Until alas, I sat on some chewing gum on the floor of Holland Park, and ruined my black skirt.


Anyway, my skirt was royally ruined. I don’t know if you have tried to pull grass and chewing gum off an item of fabric that has been sat on for about an hour, but it isn’t possible. Luckily we had been at a hotel the night before (Big up Hilton), so I had my tracksuit shorts. These shorts are really short so I felt a little nervous wearing them, they’re lounge shorts so wearing them around London made me a uncomfortable.

I decided I had to change.

When we got to Portobello Road the Market was in full swing and it was amazing, I’ll be writing about it for you soon as part of my London Bucket List Series!

There are hundreds of stalls up and down the road but because I hated my shorts, I was focused on the clothing stores. I promise I did look at other stalls after my purchase.

So I found a stall with some dresses and had a look. There was a sign above saying all dresses £10. I was a little nervous still because I’d never bought a dress from a market and I had heard too many thing that made me doubt my decision and wonder if I should just wait until I got back to Westfields in Shepherds Bush.

You hear all these stories that they’re not worth the money and they break after one wash, the fabric is uncomfortable, it’ll tear easily, you get the idea.

I was apprehensive, until I found a creme and blue stripped dress!

the fabric felt nice, it was my size and it was really light and what I needed because the weather was so warm! So I tried it on and I had a look in the mirror and it fit me perfectly too! So I bought it there then.

It was as light as a feather! I felt so pretty in it also, it completely changed my Outlook on buying a dress of the market. All day I was saying to Brad how nice I felt, It wasn’t my usual clothing style I would’ve bought but I am so glad I did.

IMG_20180717_233505.jpgThe best part is, It’s still in perfect condition and its still serving me very well!

That day it actually did wonders for my confidence too. I felt like I looked like a tool and even when I bought the dress was worried it wouldn’t look okay!

I was shocked at how good I felt I looked.

Confidence is key, I worked it and damn well told Brad I felt good because why the fuck not?? don’t forget it!

I wear it repeatedly and people always say where is it from?! Usually they’re shocked when I tell them from Portobello Road Market!

“A market stall? That won’t last long”

Neither will how long I think about that opinion!

Don’t turn your nose up at something just because you’ve heard bad things. Don’t knock them until you try it, because I’m really glad I tried it.

I won’t hesitate to buy from market stalls again!



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