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Whatever Wednesday – Milestone Birthdays!

Milestone Birthdays.

They’re exciting! Which is why todays post is about Milestone Birthdays, why?

Happy Birthday T-Dog!

Today is my Sister’s 18th!

So Happy Birthday Shitface!

As life goes on, Birthday’s come around once a year, obviously. 

So celebrations are in order of course! BUT, when its a Milestone Birthday the celebrations are just 10x bigger and better because duh, they have to be!

I believe the Milestone Birthdays start when you turn 10. DOUBLE FIGURES WOW as all your family scream as they pinch your cheeks and give you presents. It’s a start as you mean to go on type of deal.

After your 10th birthday I find 16 is important, but not THAT important. You’re just one step closer to 17 which also isn’t a Milestone, BUT you can learn to drive and that’s a pretty big deal if you ask me. I was buzzing to turn 17 because driving means real freedom. 

18. Now 18 is a big deal. You can do everything you’ve been doing already just legally! Clubbing, buying alcohol and cigarettes, casinos. It’s great really because it means your 18th can basically be the session of all sessions, the christening, the icing on the cake, your birth into the world of alcoholism, its a great time!!

For a lot of people 18 is significant in the fact that you’re a young adult now, not quite a child, but maybe for your parents they’re there thinking ‘Holy shit my little one isn’t so little anymore‘.  18 was the age I got my first Little Blue Tiffany Box, & 21 was the time I received my first set of Pearls. For my family they are significant with my age, and I’m forever grateful. 

So Naturally our celebration for my Sister’s 18th was a really lovely and significant one, and a Lovely day out at that.

So your nights out get more frequent your money goes down the drain and before you know it you’re 20, 10 years to 30! Thats a scary thought, and then you’re counting down the days to 21! My 20th birthday party was nuts; a house party at a friends until 8am, I will leave the rest to your imagination.

21 I find is the biggest deal. When you’re 21 thats it, you can pretty much go anywhere in the world and do anything legally, so 21 is a big celebration. My 21st was also huge and great fun this year. I was on placement year in London so naturally that made it so much better. I was treated to a day out in London by my wonderful man which you can find here! Then, we spent the night in Fabric in London with my colleagues from work and some of my closest friends, it was amazing. I will never forget it and those who came out for it.

I will continue to party for every single birthday I have like it is my last, Just watch me, and if you don’t want to just watch them you’re invited.

So if it’s not too personal, what your next milestone Birthday? Leave a comment or a tweet at _ItsJustJessie_, or you know, don’t!

(Mine is 30! Holy SHIT!)

Oh, and can I come to the party?


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