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Introducing: Whatever Wednesday!

So, Im going to be introducing something new for myself and you guys over summer so that it is something that keeps me on my toes with my blog and also keeps you guys coming back to my blog for more! (hopefully)

At first I was stuck.

I was saying to Brad about how I had no idea what to write about at the moment because Im moving away from London and not going abroad now until August when we all head to Budapest!

Don’t worry, I have definitely got a couple more London Bucket List posts for you before we go, I’ve also started to branch out to a Lifestyle and Travel blog as well as just Travel and so far its going well! I appreciate those who are enjoying my blog for that reason.

So I was a little stuck and uninspired for a while because although my London Bucket List is really enjoyable, I needed something else as well that has a little more depth and consistency too it! Then whilst we were having dinner Brad just comes out with;

‘Why don’t you do Whatever Wednesday? where you post something different every Wednesday?’ 

And that was that, I loved the idea because It meant that It would push me to write more, my blog would be more updated and people would know when to come back to my blog as there would be a new post and updates as well!

So of course credit where it is due this was Brad’s idea! I know its probably already and idea out there somewhere but still, it’s something I can’t wait to do!

I did ask him if he would like to feature and write his own lil bit, but he said he would rather I stuck to that part, so the least I can do is give him the credit.

So starting from today (Wednesday, obviously) I shall be posting every Wednesday something Lifestyle, Something Travel, Just SOMETHING for you all because you deserve it.

Lots of love coming your way and if you want me to write about anything in particular please do let me know in the comments, on my Instagram or on my twitter!! You can find the links below!

J x

Whilst I have you here, please check out my friends Youtube Channel! 

She’s having a good old sing song and I’d really appreciate it if you could have a nose, her first video is up now!

Instagram: Jessiexmills

Twitter: _Itsjustjessie_

Pinterest: Itsjustjessiee



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