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Whats In My cheap and cheerful Make-up Bag? Well..

Not a great deal.

My Make-up bag is literally the least expensive thing I own, I have never really put too much of my money into buying expensive make-up.

I’ve never really been that into my make-up generally, I’m a bit of a beach baby all year around. Over summer I will hardly wear anything and life is always better with a tan, including my skin.

The less make-up I wear, the better my skin and complexion is. I also have really really sensitive skin. Products like Benefit foundation just do not want to be my friend in any way.

So, I usually go for the cheaper brands. A lot of people ask me why as the cheaper brands are actually a lot worse for your skin, but It quite clearly all depends on the person and their skin type!

So lets go from the start.


Max Factor All Day 3 in 1 Flawless Foundation, Colour Natural

Cost: £12.99

Thoughts?: Ever since I first started using this foundation 3 years ago I haven’t used anything else. I attempted to use The Body Shop’s Matte foundation, but alas the Tea-tree Oil in those foundations dried out my skin. So naturally, I went back to good old reliable Max Factor! I think I have literally used this one from when I started wearing make up in year 10 of my high school.



Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Warm Beige (Probably the wrong colour for me but hey if it works, it works).

Cost: £3.99

Thoughts?: I will never use another powder. Nor have I ever actually used another powder. Period. It stays on my face all day, even if I sweat or am in the heat, and at work I might as well get paid to sweat. So its super good and efficient, and super cheap and cheerful. Ideal for someone like myself.



L’Oreal Paris Super Brow Artist 03 Brunette (Lets just ignore the fact I’m Blonde okay).

Cost: £5.99

Thoughts?: I can never truly settle on an eyebrow pencil as I’m not very good at doing my eyebrows. This Pencil however is helpful as the ends of my brows are pretty much uncontrollable. So this lil pencil has a gel/glue pencil end where you can shape your brow into place and then draw, and for me its helpful because otherwise I would have eyebrow halfway up my forehead the whole time.

I would say this is my favourite pencil, But the Benefit My Brow pencil is usually a No.1 in my books. But alas it is £17.00 and didn’t even last me two weeks. So back to good on reliable L’Oreal we went.



Benefit They’re Real Mascara OR Mac Upward Lash Mascara

Cost: Benefit – £21.50 / Mac – £20

Thoughts?: Mascara is probably something I spend the most on. I don’t have big eyes, nice contoured cheek bones (DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON CONTOURING, I JUST CAN’T DO IT) or big lips so I use mascara to at least make my eyes look a little less slothed.

Benefit They’re real is my basic go too. I have never used a Mascara like it and to top it off it lasts a REAL long time as well. I will use the Mac Upward Lash Mascara once the Benefit one has ran out as an alternative that is just as good. The only downside about the Mac Mascara is that the brush is ever so slightly smaller, so it makes the mascara a lot clumpier on your lashes, although you do still get the length, so its a win really.



Freedom Pro Contour Fair

Cost: Only a whopping £3.50

Thoughts?: Perfect really. Just need a brush and apply it to your cheeks/cheek bones and you’re away. Never too powdery and easy to apply, and the two colours are about right. I can’t really say too much about how good it is because I’ve never really contoured my face either.

Contouring is just not something I feel makes any difference to my face due to the shape. Even when I have my make up done professionally I don’t even notice it then, I have just never learnt to contour, maybe one day I will, but its too expensive a habit for me as I would then end up getting REALLY into it and have to buy a really nice palette. So no thanks for now!



I couldn’t even tell you what Eye-shadow Palettes I use. My Wonderful friend Jess gave me all of her eye-shadow palettes as I believe she was getting nicer ones. Myself, I don’t often use eye-shadow so anything second hand was wonderful for me. I believe I have at least 4 or 5 palettes that have a lil glitter on them and then I’m on my way.

I Heart Revolution Eye-shadow Palette Theme Best Thing 24g

Cost: £5.99

Thoughts?: Really good! Colours are super duper pretty and there are base colours along the top and then the glitter colours below. The only downside is that they are really powdery and pigmented. I’m not sure if that’s my fault from putting too much on my brush, but a lot of it ends up going on my cheeks. It fine! Nothing a little cotton pad and water wont get rid of, but I end up doing it most times I do my make up.



Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Eye Liner Black

Cost: £2.99

Thoughts?: You can right of your car and cry for an hour and a half solid and it will stay on your eyes. Trust me, I know from personal experiences. Need I say more?


Total: £55.45

So that is the gist of my make up bag! Not tooooooooo expensive, I mean it could be a lot worse, nothing too dire, nothing expensive at all other than my mascara, I’m just never too bothered about my make-up!

Maybe one day when I learn how to do my make up properly I may start giving more of a shit, but who knows!

I’d rather just not wear any anyway.



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