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Bringing back the Student Blog & heading to Sri Lanka!

YAAAAS so I do actually have another blog! Believe it or not, and unfortunately it did drop off the spectrum once I got about a year into my University Life.

The other blog was about A typical Day In the life of a University student!

15492156_10207574332268250_5172775180553768140_nSo As I am heading back Into my 4th year at uni I wanted to be able to bring that Blog back to life with everything I have learnt from uni so far!

I feel older, wiser and more unable to hold my drink than ever.

So the link to my other blog is here;

A Day In the Life of A University Student

Its still undergoing some pretty major construction as I am in the process of updating it and writing blog posts to post when it is ready, which you will be informed about that’s for sure!

Its Nice to look back at everything I have already written and see how everything has changed, how much my experience has changed.


I’ve managed to do so much more in my last couple of years of uni and I’ve not even had a moment to write about it.

I’m going to structure it as a lot more as tips and guides for uni and how to cope, Because Uni IS Hard, regardless of what anyone says.

15241136_10207388161734103_2839199820002039728_nIll be posting the first post on there soon, no date is decided, but if you wanna give that blog a follow for updates when the time does come around then go for it!

Of course for this blog this summer its going to be filled with my trip to Budapest & Budafest & all my other little travel adventures I will get up to this summer.

And I am going to Sri Lanka also in February of 2019!

The trip to Sri Lanka is for my Crisis & Disaster management module at University, Something I am actually really really excited to start when I return in Summer.

The main reason for this trip is to look at the way in which Sri Lanka has revived itself after the Tsunami and how they have recovered post crisis and disaster. Its also to see how tourism development has been since 2004.

Its going to be a really good trip educationally and culturally learning about the incredible country that is Sri Lanka, and especially as I get to experience it with some of my closest uni friends, its something I’m super excited to share with you all and have it contribute to my Tourism course in the meantime!

Love Always, J


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