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How The Tube Used to Terrify me & Some Summer Plans too!

When we first moved a little closer to London for placement year, my main worry was that my biggest fear was the tube (at the time).

I knew I’d want to buzz about London and see all the sights etc, and ideally the tube is the best way to do it!

So why did I hate it?

Well, I didn’t have good experiences.

Ill make the explanation short and sweet!

It started when I was young and my family and I would do little trips into London for shows and to go to places like the London Aquarium etc. Doesn’t sound too dire right?

My worst memory is the Covent Garden, They don’t have escalators, just stairs and two large lifts. Now at the time I ALSO had a phobia of lifts, I also have anxiety, so being in hot crowded spaces is NOT my forte. So imagine a HOT CROWDED LIFT.

30124711_10210918204662970_5619200297463796203_nI remember not having a choice on the matter and jumping in this lift with my family and everyone. Naturally I was absolutely petrified, It was full to the point where It was like sardines. It was HOT and if you get the tube at the wrong time, sometimes its like a damn sauna. 

I was petrified. The thought still stick with me now. Even though nothing bad happened, I bet you were expecting the lift to stop or something right? Nah not even that, it was fine. It just made me super nervous to the point where I felt ill. Even though Im not so much of a pussy about lifts anymore and have learnt to overcome my anxiety in that situation now, it still haunts me, haha!

Its silly really because there ar only a few tube stations that actually have lifts, every other ne has escalators, so it was ridiculous to base it on this one station, but It happened to be the only station we went to that day.

So naturally when we moved I was a little nervous. Im a seaside town girl, so the tube to me when I arrived was like a labyrinth of shit I couldn’t wrap my head around. Its also really loud and made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

I’m what, 10 months into being here now? and I don’t think there is anything better than the tube.

I fucking love it, where else are you going to come across a full band ready to play Despacito in the carriage for you whilst you’re wasted and all your mates are dancing? Or a bloke with an accordion jumping round the carriage? The Tube mate!! 

Rush hour is the worst of course, because then its back to what I feared most, but Now? I just hop on where I can, I have discovered that if the platform is full to let everyone else on that one and wait for the next. Its usually a lot quieter and that makes me super pleased. 

The tube is actually really fucking great, it gets you from A to B pretty quick, you can go wherever you want in London and its not even that expensive (depending on how much you’re station hopping that is and where you’re going).

I was too worried, I based it all on my first experiences which weren’t exactly the best, and now? I wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do without it of course!

Don’t underestimate the tube, its pretty g. 



oooooooh exciting right? 

What to expect?


I really don’t have too much planned which is actually almost embarrassing, but after doing my placement year a break is well needed of doing sweet SHIT ALL.

So what am I doing? 


what are we doing in Budapest?


A 3 day festival in Budapest where there will be some of the biggest names in House, Techno and so much more! 

We’re going to Buda generally for 10 days, so of course we are going to be able to see pretty much all of Budapest and do the festival as well, so all of that is to come this summer! 

Im not going to tell you too much about it because it will give it all away but there will be club parties, late night and even a Thermal Spa Party! its gonna be a madness, Im excited now even though it isn’t until August. 

Ideally I would like to plan a couple of UK getaways, I would love to go to Cornwall and go back to Scarborough to surf, and even go to the lake district!

But hey, we’ll see, but for now



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