Iceland – The Northern Lights

Jess and I booked a tour for the northern lights which we were pretty excited for so we booked it for the Tuesday night which was our first proper night in Iceland! 

But typically for us, the forecast wasn’t very good even though apparently its a pretty good time to see them this time of year. The forecast when we got back was at 0 out of 9. Pretty disappointing so typically the trip was cancelled and we could reschedule for a later day so we re-booked for the Thursday!

Thursday rolls around and we’re outside waiting for our minibus at 7:30! After another bus journey we ended up on the start of our trip, we had a Icelandic young guide giving us all the facts and we didn’t even have to go that far away too our destination!

We stopped just outside of Reykjavik, by Keflavik airport, although not right by it of course. We stopped by the coast and by a small church, from there we could walk out into the fields to the coastline and stand and watch the lights from there. It was the Reykvanes Peninsula we visited.

WELL IT WAS COLD. Like understatement cold, it was -10. It was windy and late at night and cold so we were fully geared up but it still did not do us any good as it was freezing. 

The reassuring thing there was hot chocolate for us when we were at the bus in the evening, and it was appreciated greatly. We got chatting to a lot of people, tried Icelandic doughnuts and even had the option to try shark?? did we?? No. The smell was enough, it was incredibly off putting. Eventually we gave up at about 11:15 and hopped back on the bus.

We hadn’t really seen anything. There was a faint strip in the sky and some movement but no real colour or movement from the lights. We were a little gutted, luckily we’re on the list for 3 years to book another trip for free when we come back which is always a nice benefit. 

So here was me thinking I had gone to Iceland and not got lucky at seeing the Northern Lights, well, luckily for me, I was wrong!

We were on the plane home and It was a night flight. 7:30pm departure from Keflavik, sad sad times. We’re ordering some food on the plane and Im on the left side by the window seat, taking a nose outside expecting to see uh, darkness, and theres the sodding Northern Lights in all its glory!

I couldn’t really believe it, I nudged Jess and she didn’t believe me of course, it had been a long day and I’m annoying so I salute her for dealing with me. The pilot even turned the lights down for all of us to see out the window properly which was really lovely. We were all talking about it together and Jess managed to get a couple of good photos as well!


Overall it was a really good end to the trip, I’m so pleased we got so lucky!


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