Iceland – Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon was a very very early start. We did not handle it well, although we did manage to be on time so I’d say it was really a miracle.

We were up at half 7 to be picked up at half 8. Horrible Horrible times. But it was absolutely worth it. We eventually crawled out of bed, made ourselves look relatively alive, breakfast and then on the road. After being dropped at the bus station to jump onto another coach and then we were off!

DCIM100GOPROG2020555.It wasn’t too far away which was really great so we were there before we knew it. There was a large Blue Lagoon Iceland sign at the entrance. You walked between ripped up earth and rock down the path to the entrance of the Blue Lagoon building. Its a pretty fast process and we had our green wristbands and towels before we new it.

We got green wristbands because of the deal we had. We got a free towel, face-mask and our first drink at the bar for free! They were also our locker keys! Totally worth the money to be quite honest with you because it was a really wonderful day. Jess and I were in the lagoon for at least 2 and a half hours.

Before we could enter the lagoon we had to shower thoroughly as they are really hot on their hygiene at the Blue Lagoon. We also had to coat our hair in a layer of conditioner because the sulphur in the water really dries your hair up. They weren’t lying. My hair after being in the Lagoon was like straw. It was so dry and flaky and it felt horrible, took at least 2 more washes to get that shit back to normal.

DCIM100GOPROG2050560.Once ready we hung our towels up and it was freezing outside with the snow on our toes, it was weird being in a bikini in the -7 temperatures. The water was so so warm. The temperature of the lagoon is 38 degrees. It was like a perfect temperature bath. We had a really good couple of hours wading around the huge sulphur pool. It was steaming like crazy so we couldn’t see much but t was so fun. 

We headed to get our face-masks at the kiosk in the lagoon, we waded up to it and the woman in the window told us we had to have the Silica Face-mask on for 10 minutes, then once that hardens to wash it off and come back and get the Algae face-mask. The Algae face-mask was green and on for 5 minutes. 

My skin afterwards, well. It was so smooth. It worked wonders and was soon nice! I felt like I was being pampered. Once we had done the mask and gone exploring, we found a fresh Icelandic water drinking fountain in the lagoon under a bridge and the water from that was absolutely lovely, so cold and refreshing in the warm water. So we Obviously decided to go to the bar after that.


Or first drink was free so I had a Somersby and Jess had a Strawberry wine which was lovely. We chilled out and had them before we got out of the pools. it was a really enjoyable day. We got some food after and then got the bus home where we got back and had a real chill afternoon and sleep.

The trip was totally worth the money and it was so much fun and its so cool to say that I have been there! I feel so lucky! Here are some more photos of our Blue Lagoon Trip below!

Insta: @wandererandtraveller / @Jessiexmills


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