Iceland – Sightseeing Reykjavik!

Jess and I’s first day in Reykjavik was an incredibly busy one, and it was awesome. We were up for breakfast by 9:30 and heading straight into Reykjavik as we had our entire day free until about 7:30pm where we were supposed to be going to the northern lights! Unfortunately the trip itself got cancelled so we rescheduled for Thursday! 

G1070388.JPGSo we headed out of the hostel and straight to our first destination which was the Perlan Museum and viewpoint, a wonderfully large building with a 360 view of Reykjavik, museum on the glaciers and Ice caves and an Ice Cave itself! There’s also a cafe and a restaurant inside as well at the very top of the building inside the glass dome and my word, the view whilst you had a drink was phenomenal.

So we headed inside and straight to the desk where we paid just over 500 Icelandic Krona just for the viewing deck itself which isn’t so bad as it was totally worth it.

The view really was 360, we could see the coastline, the airport in Reykjavik, the centre itself and the surrounding suburbs and the mountains, it really was something special and I was pleased we did it first. There were little bits of lava or volcano effected rocks also out on the viewing dock as well and signs along the railing which advertises what you’re viewing in front of you so you know exactly what you’re looking at!

 After the walk around the dome and the viewpoint itself we headed up one floor inside the glass dome ceiling of Perlan to have a Coffee and plan our next moves. And of course, it was beautiful, you have the 360 view of Reykjavik around you whilst sipping on a coffee/tea and cake is wonderful. There’s a cafe and a restaurant, the cafe is actually very reasonably priced I got a tea and a cake for just over 1500 Krona! 

G1040383.JPGBut if there is one thing I learnt very very quickly in Iceland is that everyone drinks coffee, so if you’re going to have a tea, just make it yourself. Like I said, everyone drinks coffee, so asking for milk with my tea was almost a sin. I also found it tasted really herbal and struggle to find one that didn’t, It tasted lovely though so I really cant complain, the one that had a tinge of lavender was my all time fave.

The best thing about Perlan being only a 2 minute walk away from the hostel is, well, that, and the fact that there is also a free shuttle from Perlan into the centre! So Jess and I jumped onto the free shuttle bus and headed into town!

G1160398.JPGIt dropped us right at the seafront outside the Harpa Concert Hall. We didn’t head inside as we had LOTS to see and do but I wish we had! We walked straight into the centre and straight to a place called the Volcano House. We thought it was going to be one very large museum but it actually turned out to be on small room! But what was inside the room was incredibly interesting a it was full of rocks and stone that have been morphed, damaged or even crystallised by volcanic eruptions!

You could even take some Volcanic sand home if we fancied! Plus it was also free, we thought there would be a charge as it was advertised with a charge but lucky us, free!

After poking our nose through the Volcano House we headed down the high street and popped into the Information desk to ask where the best places were to visit as we were just walking around Reykjavik for the day. She was super helpful and circled loads of places on our map we had received form the hostel, so after that we were off!

We walked down the the Icelandic Parliament buildings which were not as regal or elegant looking as I’d have thought but they were large none the less. There was a large square area also with a statue in the middle around the buildings and lots of other little statues closer to the buildings, but it didn’t look very exciting so we got our pictures and carried on our little Reykjavik excursion.

Next destination on the Adventures of Jess and Jess was some fucking food. WE WERE HUNGRY. But the centre is very expensive so finding somewhere that doesn’t cost an solute bomb for food was actually really very difficult.

Te & Kaffi. Just in case you can’t tell what we had to eat and drink, it was tea and coffee. My tea even came with a timer for when it was brewed! We had ham and cheese croissants as well as the drinks and it came to just under 2000 Krona each, so it wasn’t so bad and we were so hungry and cosy in the warmth that it really didn’t matter!

Once we’d gotten some energy back in the system we headed down the road towards the lake! We had been told it was froze over so of course we had to have a look. To our joy, the whole thing was froze over, to the point where we could stand and walk on it! I was absolutely mind blown because I have never walked on a lake before! (obviously). 


It was so frozen over people were even playing football on the lake! It was so cool, there was just one broken area for the ducks and the geese and it was awesome. Once we’d had a wonder around the lake we headed up to the Tallest Church I think I have ever seen in my whole fucking life (so far). 

g1360432.jpgIt was called the Hallgrimskirkja, or the Cathedral and it was absolutely huge! Grey and scary looking it was a pretty impressive building. You could go inside but the queue was rather large and there was a service going on, plus we were absolutely freezing by this point because we had done a lot of walking across the centre! 

So we wandered around the outside and took a couple of pictures and just enjoyed how mad windy it was and how cool the building was. There was also a statue in front of the building as well, the whole place was really creepy and gothic but also fascinating at the same time.

So we headed back down the hill to the sea/coastline again. We passed a really colourful and quirky bakery on the way down, I wish we’d gone inside but It did look like a cafe and we had other things to do! We headed down to the statue they have on the seafront, called the Solfario, or sun voyager, and its really quite pretty! Although it does look like a boat it also can be seen as a whale sculpture as well. I got a really great picture of Jess nearly falling over by it, loved it.


After that the weather got pretty horrendous and it started to get really breezy and snowing really hard so we headed back to the shuttle station to get the free shuttle back to Perlan and bare the walk home!

Which FYI, was incredibly fucking cold in blizzard conditions, amazing fun though!


Next I’ll be writing about a couple of the day trips like Blue Lagoon etc, they were the best!

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