Iceland – Our incredible Hostel, Lots of Busses & Nearly being stranded

So Jess and I ventured all the way upwards to Reykjavik, Iceland.

G0850347.JPGOnly slightly out of our comfort zone, it was the most magical trip a girl could ever possibly dream of going on, or anyone for that matter! Iceland is one of those trips where everything I’d describe exactly how great it was, but I physically can not, but hey I guess this is me trying to give it a go!

So when we landed in Keflavik my first thought was ‘oh shit its snowing’ which also meant ‘oh shit it’s going to be freezing’, and I wont lie, it was absolutely bloody freezing. I’m usually one for warm holidays with lots of sun and sea, but this was really different and I am so pleased we did it. We jumped of the plane and it was about 0 to -3 degrees, so it actually felt a lot like England.

Next was our 45 minute bus transfer which took us about an hour and a half, and then to top it off we were moved to a smaller minibus which had every intention of dropping us 30 minutes walk away from the hostel, and with snow and a suitcase, we were not best pleased and a little worried. Luckily the driver has a Northern Lights pick up at our hostel after our stop so it was a relief when he said he would take us instead of leave us stranded. 

Although I know full well Jess and I wouldn’t have actually been stranded, there are endless busses and the choice of 3 to get to the hostel, it’s pretty clear unless you use the busses its a little harder to get around. And as far as a metro service, I didn’t even see one so I am not even sure if they did have one! 

So we had arrived, The Capital Inn!

As far as hostels go, we really had hit the jackpot with this one.


It was just a plain white building with its funky sign on the outside and two lit up fake reindeer just chilling outside the door, already nice and welcoming! Check in was really quick and easy, we were given our key to room 303 on the second floor! The gent behind the desk who’s name was Blazej was incredibly polite and really helpful when we arrived giving us a map and just the lowdown on busses.

He was a really lovely guy generally throughout our stay, looked after us well with towels, directions and always polite! (If you’re reading this thank you for all the tea!). We didn’t catch the other gentleman name as he was only there in the morning but he was also lovely! Both were helpful with the room and Reykjavik generally so service was fast, and their housekeeping service was also so good and helped us when I woke up at 7 am water pouring onto the floor from the windowsill.

As it turns out, two of you in the room makes a lot of condensation on the windows, so when the heating is up if the windows aren’t open, water!!! everywhere!!! 

The room itself was really perfect for the two of us. We had two beds, a wardrobe, a sink and mirror, a desk with enough space for all our food we brought which is perfect as we brought a lot. The beds were super comfy and I slept like a baby most nights which is nice considering I usually have trouble sleeping! It was really tidy and clean, we were super impressed. 

We had breakfast at the hostel every day as it was included in the rate which is perfect, although timings were slim as I love sleep and breakfast finishing at 10 is difficult. But none the less it was lovely, a buffet of your breads and crackers and cereal, really good all fresh things, especially the melon! Everything was lovely and having bottomless cups of tea and coffee was our dreams come true.

27066921_10210463517696080_2575658416571362744_n.jpgThe hostel also in the evening where breakfast was served turned into a restaurant instead, and a cheap one at that! Food was big sandwiches, burgers and pizza’s and all for a really good price as well, the food was really nice and very impressive considering we thought we’d booked some bog standard hostel but no, it was really really much better than we could’ve hoped or expected! The only thing that I didn’t like was that if you wanted something taken off the pizza’s they wouldn’t which made me wonder how fresh they really were, because if they were homemade there’s no reason for it to not be possible! Oft I love moaning when I don’t really need too, I’m fussy that’s my problem.

As I was saying before a lot of the main transport seems to busses. It amazes me because there is so much snow, in the UK it snows and the whole place basically starts screaming and crying about how we can’t cope and need to close everything. In Iceland? 7 Inches? No problem mate. We are absolutely tragic. Busses, cars, lorries, every man and his dog do not have any problems in the snow! It was very impressive!

We had coaches for our Northern Lights, Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon trips. And to be fair I can’t fault them, busses are busses, they were cosy and we didn’t have any problems! The transfers were all on time, we went usually with Grey line and another bus travel company and they were great and friendly. 

As for the public busses, you’ll have to find that out for yourselves!

Next I’ll writing about exploring Reykjavik centre, one of my many favourite days of the trip!

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