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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 9

On the ninth day of Travel Bits and bobs my true love gave to me…

9 Hotel/Hostel/Living Experiences Worldwide

I‘ve been very lucky to stay I Plenty of different places around the world from Hostels to Hotels and many other options that we seem to have these days!

One thing about this post which is a little bit of a downside, is that I have already written about a lot of these experiences of where I have stayed so to save you reading all about them again, the ones I have written about already I will link below!


Amsterdam – Airbnb

The View from our window in Amsterdam

Staying with Airbnb was actually such a good choice for Brad and I when we went to Amsterdam, for those who ever seem a little bit hesitant to do it, Don’t! Its really really good, the room and that flat as a whole was wonderful!

Check our mine and Brads Airbnb experience here!

Miami – Miami South Beach Hilton

Miami South Beach was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, but of course, I have already written about it! Check out the link Below!

Miami South Beach – KUWTK Style




Portugal – Tiny Whale Surf Lodge

Staying in a surf lodge was so much fun and something I never though I would be lucky enough to do! There was a pool and the lodge itself, and guess what? no room in the lodge? no problem, Glamping TeePee’s!!

Catch up here!! 


Orlando – Our House/Villa in Kissimee

I think the pictures say enough if you ask me, check the link here!

Egypt – Hilton Sharm Waterfall

The hotel itself was beautiful, with funiculars to get to all the different tiers of the hotel, the restaurant being at the top and all the rooms being slowly down the hill and then the pool and beach is at the bottom of the funicular! The only downside was that there were 2 pools, 1 was a quiet pool and at mine and my sisters age we were not quiet, and the other pool was salt water, which is crap because a salt water pool? what the fuck is that about? The beach area was small but I didn’t care because there was a pontoon which went past the reef to the end where you could snorkel so of course, my entire stay was set. Personally to go there, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you were a older couple looking for a quiet getaway, also do not visit the sit down restaurant they have nearby the amphitheatre, we walked out because my food was so cold I could’ve bounced it off the wall!

Costa Del Sol – Miraflores

Miraflores is a huge part of my childhood, We as a family have been staying in Miraflores in Costa Del Sol for years as my wonderful family is lucky enough to have a villa out there! The Villa itself is 3 bed with of course kitchen, lounge, bathrooms and a garden as well! With a pool for residents just across the way the area itself is so safe and wonderful, I haven’t been now for about 3-4 years and to say I miss it is an understatement as I used to go every year with my family since I was a wee baby and I am 20 now! The pool bar is great and there’s a pool table and all of us families who usually visit used to all go our every year, it was a really wonderful time and I do miss it it thoroughly, I will go back soon for sure as 3-4 years of not going from going yearly is no good! Plus I would really just like to enjoy some sun and some heat.


Dublin – The Generator Hostel

Dublin was an experience with my friends that I will never forget, who’d have thought 9 liabilities could cope together in another country! But of course because it was such a wonderful experience, I have already written about it! So of course please do enjoy the link below!

The Generator Hostel


South Africa – Kruger National Safari Park

When we headed out onto safari we of course stayed on the lodge on the park in the Kruger, again with such an incredible experience I have already written about where our Villa was and how extraordinary the whole experience was also!

Enjoy the Safari ‘Look out’ here!


London – Canary Wharf Hilton

24775266_10210104816208767_2476916461619486258_nNow my sister and I stayed in London’s Canary Wharf, for me I adore the area because of the buildings and the architecture. Its just a really lovely area! We stayed in a Hilton and it was so very very nice! BUT, I have already written about it so you can catch up with my experience below!

Canary Wharf With my sister!




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