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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 8

On the eighth day of travel bits and bobs my true love gave to me…

8 creepy crawly poisonous animals worldwide!

Ever been bitten or eaten by something you didn’t want to be? let me know!

Beware of course there are some pretty grim pictures up and coming.

Red Back Spiders – Australia



ABSOLUTELY VILE CREATURES. These little buggers pack a venomous punch, bu the good thing about them is that usually, I use the term usually loosely, they’re easier to spot! Originating from Australia, these jammy buggers have managed to spread to the likes of Japan, The UK (kill me), New Zealand and the UAE. Generalised symptoms of being bitten by these wonderful little shit are basically like having the sickness bug, so be wary!

Rattle Snakes – Egypt/North America


Known for their incredibly venous bite and their tail that could be mistaken for a baby rattle any day of the week, these creatures currently have a reputation especially in North America where it has even been the result of deaths. So if you see, or more likely, hear this creature nearby, run away! haha.

Tarantula Hawk 


A Spider Wasp, have you ever heard of anything more disgusting in your life? Their sting is used to Paralyse their prey before killing it, so if you are to get bitten by this piece of shit then of course you may feel a slight tingling, or nothing at all because your limbs will be paralysed, happy thoughts thought right?

Bullet Ant – Honduras



None of these animals are even attractive in the slightest so no wonder we don’t go near them. This little shit is also known as the Paraponera Clavata, from Honduras, the reason these nasty little ants get these names is because of how pint point and peculiar their sting is!

Brazilian Wondering Spider – Central America


These grim tings are known as phoneutria, or Brazilian wondering spider, and from Central America, not that I’d even give any of that a thought as they are hairy and gross. Their bite is nasty as it slowly will make your whole body hurt, its not a nice experience from what I gather!

Death Stalker (Scorpion) – Middle East/North Africa

This bad boy is mainly found in North Africa and the Middle East and is actually a pretty big threat to us as humans if we were to come into contact with it! Although it won kill us, it will cause muscle and breathing difficulty, so you will need medical attention! The eat insects and humans (jokes).

Portuguese Man of War – Atlantic Ocean

Inhabiting in the Atlantic Ocean, these bad boys I find incredibly interesting. Although when we get stung by these tentacles it is not know to be fatal, the side effects are usually red marks across the body where you’ve been stung and a lot of painful swelling, can take about 2-3 days to disappear or die down and they are pretty responsible for most stings on Australian beaches! They’re just really ugly deadly bowls of jelly with tentacles.

Stone Fish – Indo Pacific



Found in the Indo-pacific these ugly things are actually fatal to humans if it isn’t treated. Its very good at camouflage and can easily be ignored or go unseen, and when stood on in that situation spikes which will eject venom into your skin are thrown up in the animals defence, causing the pain from the venom also! Warm water usually draws the venom out but it must be treated, what a dick.

Hope day 8 has been really delightful and full of unpleasant creepy crawlies!


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