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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 6

On the sixth day of travel bits and bobs my true love gave to me…

6 traditional foods from around the world!

What’s your favourite meal from where you’re from? And do you add your own flavour and experiments too it?

The best part of doing a blog post on food around the world is that I work with so many people from so many different cultures that I decided to ask my colleagues as well what their traditional dishes are from where they’re from, and they didn’t disappoint!


Spaghetti – Italy


You can never beat a proper good spag bol and personally its my favourite dish, I cook it at least once a week and I love to add my own spices and flavours. That’s the wonderful thing about this dish is that you can experiment a little with it, or you can have it the traditional way! And of course everyone likes cheese on the top, spawn of Satan if you don’t (that was harsh sorry).

Fajita’s – Mexico

NOTHING EASIER or better than Fajitas. They’re so easy to cook and they taste incredible, the flavors and the spices and just like explosions in my mouth. I personally wrap mine up after everything is all cooked and laid out in front of me like a buffet, gotta get that cheese to lettuce to chicken to salsa ratio RIGHT. I Always have that little sweet chilli sauce on there as well to spruce up the spices that little bit more. Of course with fajitas you can cook with any meat you want and ideally have it however you want it, shout out to the Mexicans for blessing us with such flavors hot DAMN.

Tochitura Dobrogeana – Romania

This was suggested by one of the boys, Andrei, Who is from Romania! The dish itself is usually pork, with an egg and some cow’s cheese. Its usually quite sauce orientated also so its accompanied by a think sauce, it was especially difficult to find a photograph of it that made it look as tasty as it sounds. Its a pretty minimalist dish but can appear from family homes to restaurants!


Roast Chicken – England

What do we typically have every Sunday? A roast. and not the type of roast where you stand someone up and rip the shit out of them. We’re talking roast vegetables, roast chicken, roast potatoes, the parsnips the mint sauce and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Yorkshire puds. Nothing better than a homemade or Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puds, for sure. It’t just a meal that we have every Sunday, we all sit as a family and will have a large meal together, its great, always makes my weekend when I get to enjoy it (rarely) with my family!

Saag Paneer – Indian

Saag Paneer is Goats cheese chunks mixed with spinach which gives it that thickness. This one was recommended by my wonderful friend Junayd who also recommended the dish below as well, man knows his good food! This dish is vegetarian and believe can be made is already is Gluten free as well!

Pakoray/Onion Bhaji – Pakistan

Another wonderful recommendation from my friend Junayd, to us here in the UK these bad boys are known as Onion Bhaji’s but elsewhere they can be found as Pakoray. They’re great to add to any Indian/Pakistani meal as a side or to have a nice little snack another time. One thing I do know about these bad boys s that I only tried the for the first time recently in my 20 years of life and I can confirm that I was blown away and love to eat them with Sweet Chilli Sauce, because what isn’t good with sweet chilli sauce alright?



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