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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 5

On the fifth day of travel bits and bobs my true love gave to me…

The BIG 5 on Safari

Have you spotted any of the Big 5 yourself?

Safari was such an incredible experience, Like nothing I ever thought I would be lucky enough to do! With getting up at half 5 to go on morning safari and watch the sunrise, and then going on safari in the evening and watching the sunset and seeing all the animals by their watering hole. The BIG 5 was something I wasn’t aware of until I got to the safari park on the Kruger National park but it consists of the 5 animals below! To be lucky enough to see a leopard and a white rhino was the real goal and I managed to see all of them EXCEPT the leopard, which made me sad as they are beautiful animals. Next time hey!

Some of the photos below are my own as I got lucky enough to see them on safari!

If you did fancy reading up on my South African adventures head to the AFRICA section on my blog for more!


the perfect representation of myself


I didn’t see the leopard unfortunately but It gives me more of an excuse to go back one day and try again!

So in the meantime have a picture of a baby leopard from google.



Beautiful creatures, even got lucky enough to see one of the roar and snap a picture!


We couldn’t get too close to these guys just in case as there was a lot of them together and if they start stampeding then we’d be in trouble, but their horns are huge and they seem like pretty peaceful creatures!


White Rhino

I did manage to see the white Rhino but I didn’t manage to snap a picture! They were the hardest animals to spot as they are very good at hiding considering their size! Its a shame that we hunt these animals for their horns, it needs to stop.



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