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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 4

On the fourth day of travel bits and bobs my true love gave to me…

4 Dark Tourism locations worldwide

whats been the darkest area of tourism that you’ve ever visited yourself?

Dark Tourism is something that really really fascinates me. Although of course the things you read and see are harrowing and upsetting, and sometimes even distressing. Its that story behind it that makes the location so interesting. For example, why did this have to happen?

The first Dark Tourism Area is;


Chernobyl is a dark tourism site due to its desolate and abandoned areas. There is so much radioactivity that the area is pretty inhabitable. With the incident happening in the 1980’s, Chernobyl’s Nuclear Power Plant suffered and accident in which there was a huge graphic fire and explosion, resulting In the radioactivity and fumes spreading across the area and this id the reason why the area is pretty uninhabitable. With a lot of the population previously there having to move away due to the radiation, there were reportedly over 30 deaths linked to the radiation and effects of the explosion and with the number over 10 for cancer related deaths because of the radiation. There are still safe area’s in Chernobyl though, you are still being able to go on tours around the site! (which one day I hope to do/see myself).

The Second Dark Tourism Area is;

Cambodia’s Killing Fields

The Cambodia Killing Fields lay witness to an absolute massacre of thousands, and is unfortunately home to the thousands in mass graves. Its possible one of the most harrowing and death filled places I’ve ever heard of so far. The killings were after the Cambodian war, resulting in it being known as the Cambodian Genocide. With the death toll numbers being apparently over 1 million, populations and populations were murdered and buried here in mass graves by the Khmer Regime, targeting monks and anyone else believed to have been connected to the government.

The Third Dark Tourism Area is;

Ground Zero NY

With these beautiful memorials in New York, we are always reminded of 9/11. We will remember them. On September 11th 2001, two out of four hijackers, hijacked two planes which were subsequently flown into both the Twin Towers. This Resulted in the collapse of both the buildings and the death of hundreds. With the death toll edging at around 3000, it was the most disastrous attack to happen at the time. After speaking to my step-mother who visited the memorials, she said it is very sobering and eye opening. To thin that someone would do these things, killing thousands, on purpose is heart-wrenching. These sites were made so that we may remember them, and that we will not be afraid of terrorism.

The Fourth and Final Dark Tourism Area is;


One of Hitlers largest and deadliest concentration camps. During his time Hitler had quite evidently little regard for the Polish and the Jews. This therefore resulted in millions of their deaths all around Germany. Auschwitz was open and functioned for 5 years and controlled by Nazi Germany. The site itself is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. If visited please be respectful, as there were of those playing Pokemon GO at the site was reported. Don’t.


Although understandably this has been a more miserable and not so chirpy post, sometimes in life we need to realise that people like those do exist, things like this do happen, and that we will not forget those we lose to such events.

Stay Humble.


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